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Artist: Lil' Jay
Album:  Take You Out Your Glory (S)
Song:   Take You Out Your Glory
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
I got villains that shoot like Robert Horry
I got hittas that got more guns than Corey
Clout Boys bitch we ain't go no worries
I got shootas that take you out your glory

[Verse: Lil' Jay]
I got hittas that'll take you out your glory, out your prime
I got shootas that'll shoot you with the 40 or the 9
I got hittas that'll shoot you from in front and from behind
FBG bitch it's our time, with no wings we still flyin'
I got all the clout that's why these hoes adore me
She gave me top, I kicked her out that bitch is boring
These niggas sneak dissin' man that shit annoying
Catch em up in traffic, then he permanently snorin'
FBG the crew
Bitch im ballin' hard and I don't even hoop
063 my niggas villains, yeah we from the zoo
If you a opposition 30 shots let off at you
I will never lie man I always tell the truth
You claimin' you a savage but I know the real you
A nigga tried to set me up and ain't know how to shoot
Bitch call me the terminator, I'm invincible (lets get it)