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Artist: Lil' Jay f/ Billionaire Black
Album:  OsoArrogant (S)
Song:   OsoArrogant
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Osoarrogant, I'm so osoarrogant
Everybody who I'm better than
Osoarrogant, I'm so osoarrogant
My pockets fat just like an elephant

[Chorus: Lil' Jay]
They like damn I'm so fucking arrogant
Everybody who I'm better than
I stay smoking on that medicine
My pockets fat just like an elephant
Osoarrgant I'm so osoarrogant
Everybody who I'm better than
Osoarrogant I'm so osoarrogant
My pockets fat just like an elephant

[Verse 1: Lil' Jay]
I'm riding in the excerise and I'm fly like pilots
I fucked your bitch and got a check, I'm so arrogant
They say you ain't making no noise? Yeah that's my shit
And yo bitch she gimme more brains than a psychic
Bands in my pocket, you fuckin' with me stop it
My dope come from the tropics, Lil Jay the trendin' topic
Gettin' money, balling hard, man that shit is nothing
Different bitch, everyday you know I'm never cuffin'
I'm OsoArrogant you niggas ain't know nothing
You niggas must play poker, cause you niggas be bluffin'
My niggas they be bussin'
Off the molly I'm rollin
And I take a nigga down if I heard his ass was holdin'
Said this shit isn't fair to me you niggas can't compare to me
Most you niggas scared of me cause I'm blowing shit like a referee
All my niggas they bout it bout it, ain't talkin about Master P
Bitch I'm so cocky, cause you know I'm FBG
Fly Boy Gang


[Verse 2: Billionaire Black]
Niggas dissing me that's and embarrassment
I meet you face to face like David Letterman
I'm smoking on that strong I call asparagus
R.I.P. JoJo OsoArrogant
You niggas can't see me like yo eyes closed,
or like a blind man walkin around blindfold
Its number 4 and #00 it's our time ho
Dont fuck with ugly bitches only love fine hoes
These hoes wanna fuck cause they see we the shit
You think that I'm conceited you should meet my bitch
Sneak dissin' on the gang you can meet my fifth
Put the barrel in his mouth and tell him eat the clip
I let my dreads hang swing like a rasta
Lets go to molly world and party like a rockstar
Lotta niggas talk, like soap operas
I up that bang and let it bang his brains look like Pasta