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Artist: Lil' Jay f/ Soproeo, Yola
Album:  Ice Cream Paint Job (S)
Song:   Ice Cream Paint Job (PBC Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Lil Jay]
Is the auto tune on? LIL JAY!

I'm taller than some trees
Flow like Drew Breeze
Keys to his sports car
Bottle of Febreze
Keeps my room smelling fresh, otherwise it's weed
Bitch I'm the best, like I always have the lead
Breed with the finest like my seeds are priceless
My girl? She the kindest, most these bitches mindless
Keep my shit biased, my rhymes are timeless
Don't believe me you can check my fucking rhyme list
Money in a white chest, ounce in a black chest
Segregate my weed, different strands are the bestest
Kickin' it with kittens, I'm eatin' up the fried food
Walk in the house, start watchin' Caillou
I've got a dime dude, I'm gettin' high dude
Keep watching Caillou, cause I'm so high dude
Kickin' it with JAKEnBAKE, he's getting high to
LIL JAY on the mic, killin this like jews

Uh, Yola
Ima go in..

Pistol Pete shootin' up no heroin diaries
Never late, ahead of time, like 93'
Prayin for mercy when I'm on the M.I.C
Killin' the competition it stays R.I.P
Murder INC; but a monster, Mike Wazowski
Nowadays bitches flows make me drowsy
Lousy never arousing rhymes need some Viagra
Never runnin' out of words, wordplay on Niagara
Your notebook should named, now or later
And in the end it dies off like Darth Vader
I make your shit last, call me a time saver
And yo bitch suck dick, like Tyler, the Creator
Do yourself a favor and find a new profession
I'm wreckin' you bitches best check your extensions
Your offline no family plan, you can't comprehend
I'll say it again, comprehend, not come pretend, UH!

In the Court Of the Krimson King, motherfucka thas me
Trill as can be, yo bitch blew me, call that Amy
Massingale, flyin' over ship sails, getting massive tale
Join the Mile High Club, Captain of the High Club
Smoke thirty-three dubs, obsess over Anna Mudd
Like Jordan Collier in love, finna bust a fat nut in her cunt
Get 5 stacks, tryna stay relevant
Up on an elephant, ridin' for the hell of it
So fucking elegant, higher than a pelican
If she intelligent, i'll assemble up some adrenaline
Jump her like a Mexican, Eat her up like Venison
Snort her like white medicine, Crash her like a zeppelin
You faggots feminine, i'll leave you tremblin'
Hidin' in yo cytoskeletons eatin' estrogen
I'm rhymin' on this track with LIL JAY
And my big homie dude bro Y O L A

Lakers always jealous of the way I'm getting paid
My wallets always big like Tanner Mccay

[Lil Jay]
L M N O P You are lesser than me
Like X and Y always come before Z