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Artist: Lil' Jay
Album:  Cash (S)
Song:   Cash
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Everybody know #00 I got that bag
Pockets stay filled with racks thats why my pants sag
Fendi, Gucci, Prada hell yea I got that swag
It's one thing I don't play about and thats my cash

[Verse 1]
Everybody know #00 yea I got that bag
Fucking wit my bag then my shooters on yo ass
I will never cuff a thot cause them bitches straggs
Middle fingers to you haters, all you niggas mad
I be bout my cash, I gets lots of dough
I be ridin' in that foreigns, I fuck lots of hoes
True Religion this, Fendi that, thats my clothes
And you know my niggas they be strapped just like Girbauds
Imma hitta were I'm from yeah I gots lots of rank
If worst come to worst, I might rob a bank
I go hard in the paint, I ain't talkin' Flocka Flame
Yeah my name hold weight and thottianas give me brain


[Verse 2]
Nigga hold up, nigga roll up one more blunt cause I'm losin my patience
I got shooters that a shoot ya with the Rugers just to make they self famous
Fuck yal all you niggas can't stop me cause you lame ass niggas hatin'
And my flow so fuckin' hot, you would think I was possessed by satan
My niggas do this shit, yeah we bout that life
If you owe a nigga money, then you better pay that price
It's a SOS on yo head, and thats shoot on sight
I got lil niggas that'll get you gone just to get some stripes
My swag up bitch get that, that lame shit ain't wit that
Yo bitch? Yeah I hit that and split that like a kit kat
All I know is get stacks and spend that and get back
If a nigga holdin onto work then the goofy nigga gon' get jacked