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Artist: Lil Durk f/ French Montana
Album:  Life Ain't No Joke (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuck Em
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Let's get it
Let's get it
Niggas know I keep it real
Free my nigga Rex, lil a
Let's get it, rip lil...

[Chorus x2: LIL DURK]
One thing bout my niggas man my niggas with it
Even with this money it won't make us different
Man down, to them niggas I'm a menace
Whole bird flipping shit like I'm a gymnast
Tell em fuck em, I tell em fuck em
Niggas fake, bitches fake and I can't trust em
Tell em fuck em, I tell em fuck em
Niggas snakes, niggas chase, I can't trust them
Let's get it

[Verse 1: LIL DURK]
I don't fuck with a lot of niggas, before this deal, on my kids
I was robbing niggas
Truckin niggas, them guys ain't want no problems with us
My homie thirsty, he the one that called get a with you
I'm ready, I'm out here with 11, a monster with the gun
And nigga ugly like he's betty
Don't really need no gloves, my palms ain't never sweaty
I've been want ta spaz but my bro ain't never let me
I'm shootin, call action, run up and then I'm clapping
Don't get caught with this rappin, I make a call you vanish
No DJ with this cannon, you know I keep this cannon
No DJ with this cannon, you know I keep this cannon, let's get it


I tell em fuck em, black dickies with them choppers
We them niggas cause...young and born line the...
All the police tryina cuff us, and they bitches try to fuck us
And the fuck niggas they duck us, told some butter for the...
It's nothing, nothing ain't changed, nothing but chains
But watch us, spend my advance, boss on cocaine
And choppas
For the love of money, hustler...nigga working with that white bitch corner hustling flow
Nigga no lie, my 45 and both eyes be low...
Niggas wasn't balling before the rap shit, now keep a real
Ask about us coke boy, shit for real


[Verse 3: LIL DURK]
Fuck around and get duck tapes, my lil niggas they savage
Ride around with choppers, my lil niggas talk reckless
They innocence...water whipping my block...
Otf they trapping
Fast cars that panorama, 2 door, fuck a Honda
Rubber grip, fuck condom, ...get your ass smoke like al back no computer
Where that mac at, run up on me get shot back
Old black where the top at, bad bitch, where the top at
Cooling, out west with my niggas, we telling where the tops at and I do it
Niggas know they can't fuck around, niggas know when we come around