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Artist: Bow Wow f/ R. Kelly
Album:  The Price of Fame
Song:   I'm a Flirt
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[R. Kelly]
Kels, Bow Weezy, jackin for chicks
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
I'ma flirt, soon as I see her walk up in the club I'ma flirt
Winkin eyes at me when I roll up on them dubs I'ma flirt
Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low I'ma flirt
And when she's with her man lookin at me damn right I'ma flirt
So homies don't bring your girl to meet me cause I'ma flirt
And babies don't bring your girlfriend to eat cause I'ma flirt
Please believe it unless your game is tight and you trust herrr
Then, don't bring her 'round me because I'ma flirt

[Bow Wow - starts over end of Chorus]
It better be real tight too knahmtalkinbout?
You bring your girl around me man you better put your best pimp foot foward

I'ma be pimpin, I don't be slippin
When it come down to these hoes
I don't love 'em, we don't cuff 'em
Man that's just the way it goes
I pull up in the Phantom, all the ladies think handsome
Jewelry shinin, I stay stuntin, that's why these {niggaz} can't stand 'em
I'ma chick mag-a-net, and anything fine I'm baggin it
And if she got a man, I don't care
10 toes and I'm on the beat cause I gotta have it
Now now, who do it like B-O-dub, girls on me when I walk in the club
Game ain't tight I'ma take yo' chick, that's it man now your girl in love
With a rich {nigga}, fly young dude, ride with me lil' momma can't lose
Don't get mad at me homey because your girlfriend choose
See this is how it's goin down in the six-one-fo'
From the 'Natti up to Clevland even in Toledo
I'ma boss and you know it, I got the money I'ma show it (that's right)
If I give your girl one chance to talk to me homey she ain't gon' blow it
Haha, now the moral of the story is cuff yo' chick
Cause hey, I'm black, fresh, and I rap, plus I'm rich
And I'ma flirt


[R. Kelly]
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma
I'ma flirt, now swear to tell the truth and the whole truth
When it come to {hoes} I be pimpin like I supposed to
Rollin like I supposed to, shinin like I supposed to
In the club {fuckin} with honies like I supposed to
I don't understand when a {nigga} bring his girlfriend to the club
Crepein all on the flo' with his girlfriend in the club
And wonder why all these players tryin to holla at her
Just soon as she go to the bathroom {nigga} I'ma holla at her
A dog on the prowl when I'm walkin through the mall
If I could man I would probably flirt with all of y'all
Yeah yeah homey, you say she your girlfriend
But when I step up to her, I'ma be like Tarzan
Believe me mayne, this is how them players do it in the Chi
And plus we got them playerette flirters in the Chi
Now the moral of story is cuff yo' {bitch}
Cause hey, I'm black, handsome, I sing, plus I'm rich
And I'ma flirt


[Bow Wow]
F-L-I-R-T; ay, lil' momma you know I'ma
F-L-I-R-T; ay, lil' momma you know I'ma flirt


[R. Kelly]
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma, I'ma flirt
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma, I'ma flirt
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma, I'ma flirt
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma, I'ma flirt...