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Artist: Bow Wow
Album:  The Price of Fame
Song:   Price of Fame
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Hey Bow, watchu' gon do on this one
It's your fifth album homeboy (yeah)
You gotta let people know out here who's talkin on the streets
Sayin you can't do this, you can't do that
You gotta let 'em know you on your grind
It's crunch time baby (L-B dub, let's go)

[Bow Wow]
Fifth album (fifth album), am still fresh (still fresh)
New money (new money), big cheques (big cheques)
I'm the Prince of the Hip Hop Game (that's right)
All you other lil' niggaz stay in your lane
I see y'all doin your thang, but y'all ain't this man
Took me 13 years to get like this man
In the big league, GT ridin on rims
Like the Franchise Boyz, I'm a franchise boyyyy
On every magazine, the girls love him
Take but you can't place no one above him
Number one draft pick, Young Bow Weezy
I make this whole rap thing look so easy
I make the crowd go crazy like Young Jeezy
50 (?) in my chain man it's kinda breezy
And I gets Cash Money like Lil' Weezy (uh-huh)
Please believe me man I got Ohio runnin with me
Been through a lot of bullshit in the past year
Relationships, couple rumors, you know how it is
B.I.G. said the best “Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"
The more money I made, came more problems
After the problems came more drama
Even my own mama said don't trust nobody
I only trust God and I only trust me
I stay to my low so my real low key (what's your name)
B-O-W-W-O, W you just listen to the flow
L-B dub G-A-N-G
I rep that 'til the day I D-I-E
And man the press keep on askin me
Am I gonna hang the mic up at age 19
Nah, I can't now I'm addicted to the cream
Addicted to the game, I'm addicted to my dream
I'm runnin over niggaz like Jerome Betis
And If I ain't the best, then what am I
Listen, I ain't really gotta say no more
I'm the prince homeboy act like you know, uh
My life (my life), I got it made (I got it made)
I wanna welcome y'all to 'The Price of Fame' (price of fame)
And e'rybody know the name
It's Bow Wow but I'm off so no names huh

Prince of the Rap Game (repeat 5X)