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Artist: Bow Wow
Album:  The GreenLight 4 (Mixtape)
Song:   Set It Off
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Okay this what money look like
I walk like I talk like I stay fresh like old spice
And they say I got a retard flow cause I'm dumb nice
And bow packs arenas out yea like Tyson fights
What ya paper lookin like see my paper lookin right
Diamonds in my chain it'll blind ya like the three mice
Mr money ain't a thing
Call me Mr. Lamborghin'
When it come to spitin I am uno like the card game
Ya'll lames we be gettin more money like damon wayans
And all you hatas is just major pains
At the club hollin at the bartender like t-pain
I got that martin flow
My shit is deranged
Get Gucci tell the clerk she can keep the change
Strip club like seattle you know I'm a make it rain (yea)
Oh that shit was just pocket change
And keri hilson we can kick it like a soccer game
You know bow had to spit some game
And I ain't playin say the play and girl it's a date
Tony tiger with the sex yea my shit is great
So you can call ya mans tell him that ya runnin late
Girls see me their like planets they go nuts
I know you niggaz can see me I got my doors up
My money long like fruit roll up
Drop top black bently when I roll up (stuntin)
And I'm the truth like seigle
Oh by the way I'm flyer then the eagles
Get it
Now I'm on the free way
And I'm a young gun like the boy is from philly
And shoutout to gillie
Shout out to power and the beat and all the DJs
In the club I be actin a ass
Got a drink with my two step like cass
End in first place ya'll dudes finish last
And I got more paper then a first grade class
Bow (haha)
And don't forget the wow