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Artist: Bow Wow
Album:  The GreenLight 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   I Do Dis
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ok I'm smoking on that purp, I'm blowed, I'm high as hell
I say hello to my bank teller I know her very well
Ok now watch my money double tia and tamera
I'm the best rapper out and I put that on whatever
Ill will I can't get no better
This greenlight 2 shit foolish
I'm always with a new chick
You know just how I do this
Yeeeeah and I'm a killer on this beat
28's up on my whip
You know I'm stuntin through these streets
I run this rap shit relay
Shout out to my DJ
Imma pimp I keep a house full of girls like Ray J
Smokin on cali
Eyes all lazy
Windows rolled up got the coupe all hazy
Is that your boyfriend tell that nigga quit hatin
I can tell you wanna fuck me
We can quit the conversatin
Somebody tell birdman I'm bout to go crazy
I put on for ohio like
Wish, bizzy, and lazy
3 chains on me
3 chains shorty
Boy I'm talkin stupid ice
Better guard your eyes or just get blinded
Diamonds stupid bright
Boy I swear my bracelet got more rocks than any dope spot
Put my watch through surgery and iced out the g-shock
V v s's is what they sold me
Had to drop 81 like kobe for the mueller
Yeah yo watch is coll but sorry mines is cooler
Thank my jeweler