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Artist: Bow Wow
Album:  The GreenLight 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Boyfriend For the Night
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's mr. Do it for the ladies (its greenlight 2)
It's mr. Do it for the ladie's (I'll will what it do) uh-huh 
It's mr. Do it for the ladies

Call your man tell'em you ain't goin' home tonight
That bath & body Works gotcha body smellin' right
Panties look edible, I'll eat threw'em
Fishnet top, I could see through it
Baby let's do it, Why we wastin' time
I make her get moist, when I lick her waistline
You want a baller, well I can go Base-Line
She 5+5, Yep a straight dime
She was kinda nervous, thought I was like other rappers
The type That'll fuck'er, then don't call her after
Uh-Uh. That ainta my character
Can go all night, so I hope ya got stamina
Like Kobe with the rock, lil' mama, I'll handle ya
Make ya debut, & press record on the Camera
So everybody can watch what we doin'
Toolbox love, & Guess who's screwin'

This is cash Money, So you know I got pesos
G5 Jet, I got my Pilot on Payroll
Beast in the sheets. Grizzly like Mayo
Hands over her mouth & don't speak until I say so
Like my black card, I don't get denied
I whip my dick out, & then I handle mines

But let's get X-Rated, talk dirty to me
She treat my dick like a mic, & then she sung to me
& I be beatin' up her vocal cords, beat it out the frame
scream my name until your throat is soar

Man for the night (night, night, night, night)
I can be your man for the night (night, night, night, night)

So won't you holla at playa holla holla at playa holla at

Playa holla holla girl [x2]
Um um
I'ma beat the pussy up beat the pussy up [x4]
Uh uh [x6]
I bet ya I can make you leave your boyfriend
With no problem

Choop choop bitches [x4]