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Artist: Lil' Bow Wow f/ J.D.
Album:  Doggy Bag
Song:   Weezey 
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Yeah, Yeah 
Can yall here that!
Can yall here that!
Then clap your hands then 
clap your hands 
com'on put your hands together 
Hey columbus can yall say weezey com'on say it 
everybody com'on say it 
who'd yall come to see 
Bow weezey 
everybody put your hands in the air 
a little louder com'on
lets make some noise 
weezey com'on make some noise 
Bow weezey 

( JD ) 

People from everywhere gather around 
checkin out the sound 
that we keep throwing down 
we keeps it crunk like this everyday 
young weezey what you gotta say 

( Bow Wow ) 

a marical 
Bow wow on the set with the base in 
I need some pleminal 
smooth like a criminal 
otherwize known as a villan 
Becuase I'm ruthless
I'm the best out and I'm killing them 
But most i think dont have to deal with me 
all yall tell them who you wanna see