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Artist: Lil' Bow Wow f/ Da Brat
Album:  Doggy Bag
Song:   Crazy
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I'm crazy, how I dress and keep it fresh
So many steps ahead of y'all cause I'm before my time
I'm crazy, how I do it,when I do it  I gets to it 
That's why the girls, the girls they love me (2x)

[Lil' Bow Wow]
Yall know what it is when I step in the house
So stop sittin back tryna figure me out
I know it  don't sound right
That I'm only 14 and you're like 30 years old
And you only went Gold
So you mad at me
Cause my first joint went triple p
And no matter what I do when I step in the tube
The girls they love me
Only reason that I'm winnin is cause I'm a gimmick
I know that's what you're saying
But I came to ya show and wasn't nobody in it
And you still think you the man? 
What was that- no promo, no radio
I know you got somethin to say
It's not your fault that you hot
But don't nobody else seem to feel that way
You see it's like this- when you rap, people just clap
When I rap they shed tears
They know that So So C-O flow crazy like Britney Spears, it is
Ask yo mama, ask yo brother, ask somebody's dad
I'm collar poppin, gangsta I'm super bad, man I'm crazy 

[Lil' Bow Wow]
My apearance is head cocked, throw back, air force, no socks,
Braided up, T- Shirt, jeans, jordans, and a bubble watch,
Lock man, Nelly color bands
I mean I switch everytime the wind blow, 
When I aint puttin it down, playin around 
You can catch me in dat tecno,
I'ts mandatory that I rock 2 chains 
Big only way I do thangs
Kid wit so much game, bad stay outta my range
Cuz I can make a mountain move, if I wanted too
But I really wanna move you, only rock it if its new
Only top it if its true, so stop your nonsense
Healthy bag, colored du-rags, jipos wit a whole lot of sag
Dad in a range, Mom in a jag, and I keep on all tha tags,
Ask yo Momma, ask your brotha , ask somebody's Dad,
I'm collar poppin, gansta, I'm super bad,
You know I'm Crazy

Bounce, come on (3x)
Put your hands where my eyes can see (2x)

[Da Brat]
No otha women can be compared to Brat
All of a sudden, some of them wanna be thuggin
But they wasn't, before I popped out da oven hott
So then I show them I dont sit at the bottom of da charts
Timbalands, and a halter top, what I rock is comfortable 
Whether feminine or not to you
Dont worry bout what lil popsy do 
Cause imma keep on gettin my freak on, with heeps on 
Put the heat on and breathe on him 
You dont wanna see T-I-T's on me for V-I-P's only 
Get into my ear and tell me what you want me to be
Cause I can play out any scene, any episode, you can think of
I can swing, it dont mean a thing, cause I got that bling
Got me a fresh hair style, house on a hill
22 inch wheels, take trips to Maui, to close deals
I'm so real, notice a cop that pop a female
I'm so ill, showed you been here 8 years
Told you I can neva be deal to deal 
Please believe it, undefeated,
I aint never been beat, cuz I'm just that crazy