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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Cumin Up (S)
Song:   Cumin Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Aye, bro, I know where you can get 20 bricks
I said I know where you can get 20 bricks
Nigga, I don't got no fucking time for no shit like that what the fuck is your problem

[Verse 1]
I know that you wanna come up
Cause your a broke bitch and you need some money
You better hit this lick
One day, summertime, last month
I was out doing, talking 'bout coming up
I've been riding on the bus and I really need a car
Already got a job and I work too hard
It be this young nigga, talking 'bout he got bricks
Finna make him eat shit and steal those licks
I ain't talking 'bout mad, I'm talking 'bout the chance, nigga
Rob everybody, don't discriminate
And tats on your face, I know you got the blue suit
You can get got too, every blue moon
I come with the chopper, sucker nigga drop everything
Baby mama drama? I'll knock the bitch out
She trying to trap me, I broke the bitch jaw
Long story short, he ain't go very far
Bitch hating on me? Boy, I swear to God
Keep hating on me and get your punk ass robbed

Brodie, coming up, ski masked up,[8x]

OK, since you didn't wanna do that,
I'm gonna tell you about this other thing that I know about
Hey, bro, check it out
I know something that we won't get caught for

[Verse 2]
I'mma tell you about this dude in jail
He said he hit a lick, and he couldn't post bail
Now the only time we talk is when he's sitting in his cell
I seen his face, and I know he in hell
Made a couple mistakes, hit that boy with the chopper
Took his ass out the trunk, put his ass in the car
Man you know that's kidnap, get caught in the trap
He didn't even steal the crack, how he gonna bounce back?
Man, it's all on us, keep it on the hush
Going way way back, nigga, I was on the bus
Trapping every day in the dark with no light
Every time I hit the streets I had to pray trice
All night hype, I be out on the flight
Baby food, trying to cook dope at night
Stealing formula, hiding on bar
Real street nigga, cooking crack in the dark