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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Based Hero (S)
Song:   Based Hero
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

We keep it gangster and we keep it gutta man you feel me?
Prettyboys throw it up man all the sexy ladies what it do
Yeah man it's your boy Lil B feel me?
Aye man I'm a be a DJ your host for tonight man it's the Based Radioo
unsigned HEROO aye man shouts out to the real man you feel me
I see you aye man aye aye Lil B

[Verse 1: Lil B]
My position in the game bitch it's simple and plain
I gotta eat nigga remember The Rain how could I survive all that fuckin fame
Made it through the streets and they callin' my name
But my name like the needle drop watch the Eagle pop
I open up shop then I close shop
These people with hoes tryna steal my name I'm a break his nose
Had a couple - times and I had a couple losses
Niggas never ride man fuck with that walking
Tryna come up I talk him
Boss one up crack open a bottle
"What's up nigga" I had to give my funds up
Stealing stolen cars I had to switch the plate
Staring at the otherfuckin gate, hit that motherfuckin eight
Nigga it don't matter I don't know man this is not my game
Preach my game, streets my game
Open up the lane, moving so fast gotta catch me
And mine don't - like Jet Skis
Nigga, you feel me?

[Lil B]
Aye man I'm on that Ice man straight up we skating man
100 percent all day man

[Verse 2: Lil B]
Niggas so thirsty thought it was salad?
You need to switch up man fuck that popping
You bout to get popped, I'm talkin bout I'm a get it popping
I'm in the hood man motivated street nigga
This all that real- street niggas
Mine state feel like I'm on a grind state
Laying down where there's my plate
Wheres my Iron at nigga wheres my money?
Nigga keep playing with me and this shit funny
Nigga keep playing games where there curves
I can't promise this but I promise yours
I got love for everybody who really love me
Niggas hating on the right
I got a scope on you, throwing Glocks up
Fit them bullets on yeah you feel me?
Send them packages you better update me
Open the mail nigga what's crazy
Is you acting like a pussy
Niggas come through we smack them pussies
I ain't even gonna look for you
You feel me? We take the money bitch and it's over

[Lil B]
You feel me aye man shoutsout to all the Based soldiers hold me down
05 12 fuck em 05 05 fuck em yanam saying?
Lil B man aye realness over millions I do that, I do that
I do that don't bang shit If you don't really love based
Don't bang that shit... you feel me?
It's crazy, how fake- you feel me? Motherfuckers be out on nerve man
like there's motherfuckers that really hate on me
but then try to steal my whole shit and then just hate me...
but they love me though that's what I'm saying it's like man don't lie to me
be honest and do what you gotta do don't try to discredit me
for what I'm tryna do cause I'm killing the game...
you didn't make me you know'm saying? Niggas pfft Niggas did that for you...
you know'm saying I helped you so what it do? You know'm saying?