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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Pink Flame (Mixtape)
Song:   Can't Fuck My Bitch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You know motherfuckers said I have bitch troubles
NO, what the fuck?!
I'm a tell you about the pink flame though
You know some people said I have a theory
A theory of bitches
You know my bitches said?
Lil B... You're great
Somebody told me about the bitches
Somebody told me about the Basedgod!
Fuck it!

I get the pussy [x4]

I get the bitches [x4]

You can't fuck my bitch
No way, no man
56 bitches I'm a tell you who the fucking man
It gets very tedious
My main bitch is greedy
She wants to fuck me,
Bitch you can't handle me
Bitches think I'm Basedgod fucking bitches naked
Bitches call me CISCO
I'm a ugh like Rick Ross
I fucked her in her border
Bitches in the charger
I'm a eat the bitch ass like it's no fucking tomorrow
Ain't shit to talk about
Slangin' with the bitches out
Bro brought the sixes out
I'm feelin' like it's Mardi Gras
And I'm about to change shit
See me in that new shit
Fuckin with that old bitch
Bring a burner out I'm staying close to the stove
I move so smart niggas mad that I'm slow

I'm gonna quit when I never been a snitch
I'm on the high horse even my shadow exists
Bitches suck dick when I stack more chips
I ain't no faggot
I want the bitch ass
OK Basedgod you curse too much
I was in Paris but naked with my bitches
I was in Russia
I was straight hittin'
Too many bitches I might have a concussion
Suckers get mad
They swagged up
Niggas hate homies,
I don't give a motherfuck
Basedgod bitch!