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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Platinum Flame (Mixtape)
Song:   Made Man Skit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Frankie Joseph:] [*knocking on door*]
[Godfather:] "Hey, who is it?"
[Frankie Joseph:] "Hey let me in Godfather, it's Frankie Joseph"
[Godfather:] "Hey Frankie, you're the man!" [*opens door*] "Frankie, my boy!"
[Man #1:] "How you doin', Frank?"
[Man #2:] "Sup, Frankie!"
[Frankie Joseph:] "Godfather" [*kisses Godfather*]
[Godfather:] "Hello, Frankie"
[Frankie Joseph:] "I know about all this artist..." [*puffs smoke*]
"His name is Lil B the BasedGod"
[Man #1:] "Yeah, yeah, I know about Lil B, yeah..."
[Godfather:] "Oh, okay, okay..."
[Frankie Joseph:] "He seems to be very loyal
very authentic, very true, very positive, very respectful"
[Man #1:] "He's the BasedGod, yeah..."
[Frankie Joseph:] "They're the qualities that we all see... To becoming a made man"
[Man #1:] "This is true, this is true"
[Frankie Joseph:] "Besides that he is not a snitch
he's not a hater, and he'll fuck your bitch" [*puffs smoke*]
[Godfather:] "Tell me more, tell me more"
[Frankie Joseph:] [*puffs smoke*] "Godfather..." [*puffs smoke again*]
"I come to you today for a load..." [*puffs smoke a third time*]
"A hundred fifty million dollars' worth of diamonds.
And a billion dollar recording contract. What do you feel?" [*door creaks*]
[Godfather:] "Frankie, my boy...
You came to me this day to ask me for this favor.
And I will give you this favor, but not as a loan.
I have massive amounts of money, and I wish to now make more.
I wish to be a part of greatness. I wish to be a part of history.
And grant me this favor... is to be as based as you guys.
So Frankie my boy, let's celebrate. Because today... we make history."
[*pops champagne and pours*] "Here we go, here we go. That's it..."
[Frankie Joseph:] "Thank you, Godfather. I would never let you down"
[Godfather:] "It's no problem, Frankie"
[Frankie Joseph:] "I would never shame the name."
[Godfather:] "You're my boy, you're my boy..." [*pats Frankie on the shoulder*]
[Frankie Joseph:] "Let's toast"
[Godfather:] "Tonight, we celebrate"
[Everyone:] "Salut!"
[Frankie Joseph:] "Thank you again, Godfather. I'll be back...
I'mma go to the studio" [*door closes, goes down stairs*]