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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Platinum Flame (Mixtape)
Song:   Fake
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, uh, yeah

I slap the shit out a bitch
Fuck these hoes, they ain't shit
Do anything to niggas (Fuck 'em)
I been betrayed, now my heart done turned bitter
I be crying every night
Why'd them niggas jump me? I ain't wanna fight
Now I'm thinking bout these millions
I'm the richest nigga out and I ain't in my feelings
Now I'm going for 150
Real waterfront nigga, I know P. Diddy
Niggas playing with me, I'ma remix
I got so many bitches I be pissed off
Man real talk I'm thugged out and pissed off
They be like "BasedGod you look like Kris Kross"
Bitch I'll ripe your tomato
I liked your tomato
Make your head a tomato, bitch

Fake, so fake
These niggas be fake
Fake, so fake
These niggas be fake
Fake, so fake
These niggas be fake
Fake, so fake
These niggas be fake (Figaro!)

I went to Albany High (High)
We took stolen cars
I went to El Cerrito High, I was living large
I went to Berkeley High just to see what's up
Shout out Oakland, ten deep my niggas up
Shout out McClymonds, my niggas is wilding
High rise right across the street from McDonald's
Why them niggas jumped us? (Why?)
Made my stomach hurt, and my dick hurt (Damn!)
I'm mad as fuck, niggas playing with me (Fuck 'em)
You already know I don't need no backup
Shout out San Francisco ('Cisco) this for real niggas
Shout out Vallejo (Vallejo) I love y'all
Shout out Sacramento, I love y'all
I'm just a young nigga
I'm the OG
Everybody know the BasedGod and Lil B
Beverley Hills flex, Bel Air flex
Shout out all the real niggas
You screaming "Fuck my bitch, Lil B"

Fake, so fake (Hey, we winning though, you feel me?)
These niggas be fake (Stick to your billions, billions)
Fake, so fake (BasedWorld, Lil B)
These niggas be fake (The whole world, what it do? Bitch Mob)
Fake, so fake (Uh huh)
These niggas be fake (Platinum Flame, Platinum Flame)
Fake, so fake
The niggas be fake

Aye Platinum Flame mane, thank you BasedGod for the beats
Yeah, shout out Keyboard Kid, what it do?
Uptown, what it do? Certified, what it do?
There's a lot of real niggas in the building, what it do man?
It's a real, it's a real party tonight
Shout out to the ladies, what it do?
Around the world, salute
What it do? What up, bro?
Shout out to all my brothers in the suburbs right now watching
Smokin', listenin', chillin'
All my brothers in the hood, what it do?
Up top, what it do? Bottom, what it do?
Underground, what it do? Mainstream, what it do?
Hot world, what it do? Hey yeah
We rockin' mane, Platinum Flame! Platinum Flame!
It's your boy Lil B mane, yeah we rockin' to the top
Ain't stoppin' mane, 2018, on that real shit
Fuck with me, yeah