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Artist: Lil B
Album:  #1 Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Pussy On My Face Based Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Girl put that pussy on my face
Bitch, yuh (on my face)
Fuck yeah (BASEDGOD)

[Verse 1]
Every bitch know that she know what to do
100 thousand dollars and I'll stick it at... yuh
You look so good I'm gonna fuck you
100 thousand dollar bitch I'm talking about you
Bitch let me eat that pussy on you
Your pussy looks so good I wanna fuck you
Put that pussy on my face you bitch
100 thousand dollars bitch I'm rich
We don't know what the fuck I'm talking
About, Yeah
Bitch I'm finna put that shit in your face

[Verse 2]
Every bitch know that she fucking with me
100 thousand dollars bitch she sucking on the D
Based Freestyle bitches fucking with me
Young BasedGod bitch I don't do it for free
100 thousand dollars just to fuck with me
150 grand if you stuck with me
Half a million dollars if you front with me
Every bitch know I smoke blunts no trees
Every bitch know I got... already
100 thousand dollars bitch I look like Gary
Yeah. Bitch I'm not Mary
Taylor Gang hoes you know who's the fairy
Every bitch know that I got it on deck
100 thousand dollars I'm a pop that cherry
We all know I got cash on deck
Every bitch know I got racks on deck
We all know I'm finna hit her from the back
Every bitch know I got the shit on the mask
100 thousand dollar bitch BasedGod swag
Based Freestyle is that 2/12 crack
Everybody on the block them niggas know about that
Every bitch know man I'm fucking off racks
Every ho know I might light up the sack
And fuck. Nigga (Yeah)

[Verse 3]
Every bitch know I puts it out on the map
Young BasedGod I got that motherfucking woop!
50 thousand dollars tell that ho what it do
Young BasedGod is the motherfucking truth
Thank You BasedGod just for doing what you do
You the fucking man but I fucks with you
All of you know you fuck with me I fuck with that
You're so rude to the bitch bruh you stick it in that crack
Based Freestyle back in BasedWorld Yeah!
Lil B for low bars I'm on like yeah

I'm on!
We never stop we back on that Based Freestyle
Yeah girl wassup?
Like I said bitch you look so good yeah
Yeah bitch okay okay bitch
(Random auto-tune)

Every bitch know I want her pussy on my face
Girl come up over here and do it all day
Bitch come up over here and sit up on my face
I'm finna eat that pussy from the back all day
Get that bitch on the fucking wall like ay
Get that bitch juicy like the fucking... track
100 thousand dollars bruh I'm sicker than a bitch
White Ferrari and this limo tint
BasedGod nigga fucking with a bad bitch
All day, All day I'm finna get rich
Recording it daily
Young BasedGod bitch motherfucking pay me
Based Freestyle