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Artist: Lil B
Album:  #1 Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Dusty Bitches Pt. 1
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm a get to this err, Low Key part of the tape, you know
I'm about to freestyle on these, uh, dusty bitches, man
You gotta, you know just watch em', feel me, Real shit
You feel me, watch these Dusty Bitches

[Verse 1]
When I first met the chick, she was a visual piece
Light-skinned 5' 10', in my view she was leased
The bitch was on lock down, scooping from streets
But she got enough knowledge, to get through with ease

So we started calling phones, hooking up on the streets
She was telling me her problems, how she was crossed by her peeps
And, fucking talking, I was addressing with ease
Hit her momma's house... in peace

Started taking off her panties, she was pulling on minee
And then we started up, fucking in the sheets, and I buss a nut
Broke off my M-O Grease, started pulling up my pants
Buttoned up my fleece. I was almost out the door, hearing no creaks
Then her brother bossed it in a pro-baller no cleats

That was a big ass nigga, I had to kill him at least
So what I do now, I ain't got no gun, I ain't strapped so
I gotta back a nigga, with flash, cause that nigga man
I gotta kick some ass, while I bounce to the floor
Hit the grass, pass that shh, her beautiful ass

We Don't need no more, Dusty Bitches [x4]


[Verse 2]
Now I see her calling me back hittin my phone
Apologising for the action, encountered at home
She told me if we kick it, it would be guaranteed bone
So I picked that up sh., started hittin the bus

Got off the stop, hit the door in the front
Now I see her running out man this ho' in a rush
She started jump all on me, holding my nuts
Like any nigga did, I start to grip her butt

This lil' bitch a freak, like... doin shit in public
Wha... ' I don't even lease, Man her partner walked by
With a grin on his piece, he looked right at that girl
Started, licking his teeth, Then he walked away fast, acknowledged
To speak, but I got a lot of problems, so my mental is weak
Already thinking this bitch could be fuckin' my peeps

Before this man, she started k-kissing on my cheek
Then I thought I'll let it go, over-reacting, at least
But we gonna see tonight, if this bitch with my peeps

Dusty Bitches Part 1 - To be continued

We Don't need no more, Dusty Bitches [x4]

[Verse 3]
Now tonight, I'm still flipping what I had in store
This bitch nigga on my sh, should be blastin a broad
What comes first to mind, I should be mouthin' off, but I give
Her the benefit, we' smashin' on whores [whispered], she thinking
About, I only knew her for 3 days, I already fucked 2 times, that's
Off bat, I'm thinking back, this nigga already been to smash, I'm an
Ugly nigga, if I can do it, then he can!

Then she walked in to the room, begged me to the top
I'm thinking kinda crazy man, all this pussy-poppin
But my nigga in ah minds, slipped her up some cock
Grimey nigga, man, I ain't gonna fuck and then stop
But the best thing, she started riding on top
Before she gotta nut, hurry up and I stop
Got mines bitch, watch from the drop man, fuck you bitch
Slop up on the top, Fuck these hoes, you feel me these bitches cocked
Bro I ain't gonna lie

Ay' man don't pray for no more dusty bitches

We Don't need no more, Dusty Bitches [x2]