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Artist: Lil B
Album:  The Hunchback of BasedGod (Mixtape)
Song:   Back of the Mayback
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

They still tryna front, oh let me clear my throat real quick man
They still tryna front, you know what I'm saying

Drive slow my mind feel like it's moving blow
The drugs make me die quicker than I ever know
You be acting like I wouldn't blow
Moving like an actor trying to score some coke
Memories in music, that's all I know
Keep pushing the corner, half a million on the corner home
I'm just talking about that fly shit
You all alone, niggas trying to fire niggas
Build a couple jobs, we be hiring niggas
Big moth on the wall, I'm a fly nigga (Pow)
Put you suckers in the air, you a fly nigga
I believe I can fly, believe you can die nigga
Best believe the only money on the other side
Can't duck and hide (Naw)
Based who wants war, I want peace
I'm not ashamed to say that
Riding around San Jose in the back of the Maybach
I'm still going to Stockton, catch me on the corner
Sit back and relax, nigga Imma...
I'm a stoner, I said I'm a stoner

Shout out to Berkeley telegraph
Shout out to San Francisco the mission
Yeah I'm on the mission street in San Francisco living my life
Then I hit up Berkeley telegraph to spice it up
Then you might catch me at Fremont on the low
I'm talking about low (Yeah)
Hunchback of BasedGod