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Artist: Lil B
Album:  I Forgive You (Mixtape)
Song:   Gotta Question
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yah I got some questions... this shit is so crazy
Like I said man bringing that shit up from the top to the bottom
I forgive you mixtape
Like I said from the bottom to the top, rags to riches
From the block to the top of the executive stocks
ya kno what I mean? stay positive and it won't stop...

[Verse 1]
If you gotta question scream yah... ya ya yah
don't know I was born into hell. feel my pain
America, serious love & hate. alot of people talk but they really don't say
What they really think I'm mad cause they got green
but life's not all peaches & cream
America got to many guns, fuck that and war
I'm just tellin ya what I see from the movies & stores
Propaganda? what cha tryin to teach me?
willie licks letters, I couldn't believe... this can't be real

From the bottom to the top

[Verse 2]
This can't be real, people couldn't have thought that shit
brings chills up and down my spine when I speak that shit...
I was born into war stories... a burned history
if you get ka ka killed in the projects
then you don't see two blind folds, solo. key. couldn't vote
couldn't read that's the whole holy
when he spoke his dream he got shot down...
that was the closest thing that we ever scene
In the history of america, to be a human that was liven his dream
got took outta the game by devilish things
got suckas in the hood doing trifling things
they say they gotta eat to justify... to each his own
but to each who walks the path alone gotta walk more steps than a college dorm
Ya I wanna be on top, but if you selfish you ain't gonna be on top to long
From the bottom to the up, the up to the bottom
X had to make my own path, couldn't see no options
now 24th floor presidents score
made 25 grand I made it for sure. paid for sure

I forgive you. mixtape, lil boss.
Niggas can keep hatin like this but lil b, one of many... one of none
My music is amazing, only one lil b... they're never be another me