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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Black Ken (Mixtape)
Song:   Mexico Skit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Lil B] Uh, dang man. You heard that they 'bout to build a wall in Mexico?
[A fan] Yeah, I heard about that
[Lil B] Well uh, we gotta get up out there before they build that god dang wall
 because there's too many girls out there and I don't wanna miss out
[A fan] I don't got no money. I don't got no money to go down to no Mexico
I can't afford it...
[Lil B] But uh, before we go to Mexico, you heard about, uh, San Jose?
[A fan] Yeah, we can go there
[Lil B] Yeah, it gets real crazy out there
[A fan] Let's go!
[Lil B] We gotta go up out there first. And then we'll drive down to Mexico
[A fan] Okay
[Lil B] You with me?
[A fan] I'm with it, man. Let's go
[Lil B] Let's go