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Artist: Lecrae f/ Chris Lee
Album:  Rehab
Song:   I Love You
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Yeah, sometimes we get so addicted to self that
You don't realize you hurting other people
Especially the people you care the most about

[Chorus: Chris Lee]
Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile
Cause I don't deserve you
So for all the times you held me down
Listen to me now, I love you girl

Ya know I had to do a love song
To let the whole world know bout my love jones
Love sticks is what I told the docter
We could be more like Sho Baraka
But we all moors and we been that
And when I said I do, I meant that
It's trip that, you let me lead you?
Cause I'm a mess and sometimes I need you
And I need you, to understand
That I'm dying everything tryin to be a better man
I put that on my momma
I love the way you play your part through my drama
Long nights, long flights, trips outta town
Ya keep my head up when it was hanging down
Down like four flats on a 'llac
I let you down and you still keep coming back


Out here trying to save the world
Can't forget about my baby girl
And baby girl, you so tight it's true to me
sometimes I wonder why you fool with me
Cause foolishly I'm prone to hurt you
Call you grace cause I don't deserve you
I recall cold nights, no lights, low dough nights
You ain't fussin you was there the whole night sayin it's alright
So faithful, far as beef yeah we done had a plateful
But we ate it up and we made it up
Cause our view of the lord wasn't great enough
No divorce cause what God brought together
We will never tear apart, gonna fight and never let up
And when I get up I'm back down on my knees
Thank God? my rib's the best part of me


All the fellas out there in the world
If your lady love God and you gotta good girl
Stay with her, pray with her, take her on a date
Tell her you appreciate...

How she love me, how she cares
And how shes every woman every where
And baby I'm sorry for all the days I let you down
But I got something to say, I love you girl