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Artist: Lecrae f/ Sho Baraka, Suzy Rock
Album:  Rehab
Song:   High
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Turn my beat up, overdose mine
I don't need drugs, got the Most High
Holy Ghost writer to compose rhymes
Sin got us blind, got a cloud on our minds
I'm illuminated open up my eyes
Now the Spirit showin me the Word is alive
I was so low, now I'm so high
Regenerated mind telling me that I'm alive
And it's workin, I'm so certain
Confident He created me for a purpose
Somewhere in-between the jeans that ya'll jerkin
And them khakis that ganstas work-workin
No purpose sir so worthless
I catch re-real contact when I worship
Hi-high turn the treble, bass-bass up
I'm tryna see the Son that's why I got my face up!

[Chorus: Suzy Rock]
I got my pride on low faith-faith on high
Turn-turn the treble up, bass on high
I got my pride on low faith-faith on high
Turn the treble up, bass on high
I got my pride on low faith-faith on high
All my people in the building get cha hands up high
Get em high-I-I-I-high high
Get em high-I-I-I-high-high, high

I'm a stand behind my bars like a inmate
And I promise I do the things that my pen say
God's sinsei, I'm in the dojo
I'm crank-cranked up like I'm poppin no dose
No dose, homie don't sleep
World full of them sheep with the shark teeth
Don't don't start me, on that lighter fluid
Fire brewin, see me shinin from a (manitou?)
Do it suddenly, can't even muffle me
Moses off the mountain top you better cover me
Try to smother me? I crank it up some mo
Love, joy, peace, that's what I'm bankin on
Turned up, no I can't stop
This is rock music, yeah I rep The Rock
I don't need a buzz, I don't need to shine
Already sky high, I think I see the top


[Sho Baraka]
Hello, hand's high like His name
I been purchased by the blood homie I can show you change
Back in the day I saw a girl (imac)
Try to get those digits call her later (ichat)
I rehab now got my eyes on the Throne
Whenever I talk to the Lord, iphone
Yeeeeah, faith on high
He got us standin up for His Word no lie
Ha, this is detox rhyming
Only pride we love is the pride full of lions
They can't stop His shine, He so amazing
The Son rose for some daylight savings
He saved us from the beef on easter
Then build a damnation like a beaver
All men fall short like keibler
Elf, Gary Coleman, Webster, and Lil Ceaser