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Artist: Lecrae
Album:  Rehab: The Overdose
Song:   Overdose
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm feelin good, forget my feeling tho
Let's talk about my fillin, filled with tha holy Ghost
And I ain't talkin smoke, I'm talkin fire
I'm tryna shock the world, before they cut my wires
I'm on that overdose, old me comatose
See him let me know cause if you did you probably seen a ghost
Fire in my bones, I'm spittin flames
Boy that Word of God get at you like a Twitter name
Truth up in my veins, everyday I need it
But you don't hear me tho, you used to different speakers
They speak death and they stories ain't at all the truth
They like to think they ballers, they just some foul shooters
I'm so real 100 percent authentic
I know how fake feel I dropped him off at the clinic
Told em he need rehabilitation "gone take him" get him clean
Met that Triune Light "what's that?" triple beam

Gone check him in, before they close the door
You got that Rehab, this is the overdose
I'm on that overdose, I'm on that overdose
I'm on that overdose, old me "comatose"

They think I'm churchy, they think ya boy a lame
Yeah I live for Jesus, I'm unashamed
They talkin reckless what you 'spectin from the walkin dead
You try to give em life, they want that death instead
But 1st John make it clear what they wanna hear
Hear go that overdose, go stick it in they ear
I got my prescription, it's all consuming
Eat his Flesh drink his Blood, holy Communion
I know the Truth is hitting home like Barry Bonds
Yeah my God run the streets like a marathon
Yes! I'ma believer Yes! I rep the Kingdom
They ask me where to find the Lord they ain't never seen him
Homie God ain't got no longitude or latitude
Aye gone check him in, before they close the door
You got that Rehab, this is the overdose