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Artist: Lecrae f/ Lester L2 Shaw
Album:  Church Clothes (Mixtape)
Song:   Special
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

She made me wanna get down on a knee
She made me wanna share everything I own
How does it feel?

I was praying for a ten
But I found the one
And no girl compares to my virtuous love
Cause what we got is truly something special
Truly something special
Truly something special
Truly something special

[Verse One]
Listen, what's up my lady love? My mamacita
I know you know me but let's get to know each other deeper
Cupid, you can keep 'em, I don't believe 'em
This kinda love we got is real, this ain't no Mona Lisa
No painted picture, no fairy tale
A lot of blood, sweat and tears, yeah we know it well
And I never kiss and tell, put our business in the streets
It ain't nobodys business what we do between the sheets
And I respect you too much
Don't see you as my equal
I see you as myself
Me and you we the same people
The way you let me lead you
That's why I need you
And when I'm on the road I miss you wanna see you
You not perfect, you not perfect but you work it girl
And you don't need a job unless you feel like workin girl
Ain't worried bout your past I'm focused on our future lady
But when I see us looking good... I see you baby


[Verse Two]
Yeah; don't need a pre-nup
It's you I love and not the money
Know all my passwords but you don't need them things you trust me
They think we crazy
Head over heels
I love your mind more than the way you dress head over heels
Now I don't lace you in Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Burke
But I give you the time and attention, faithfullness and it's workin
But when you get upset and bother me I'm here to stay
Can't wait to date you when you sixty and your hair is gray
We ain't them, I ain't him, You ain't her
But we the best we'll ever be minus me first
Till they bury me you'll always be my lady
And leavin you's like leavin myself
It's crazy

[Chorus] - 2X