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Artist: Lecrae
Album:  Church Clothes (Mixtape)
Song:   Spazz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I make you spazz on 'em, knowing that they don't know me
I may call up my homies forty deep is how we rollin
We pull up on your block and we ain't got no glock forties
No mean a millimeter, hope you never have to meet her
Put a rolla in a meter, this one right here's a heater
Tryin to get off in my zone, watch me hit these wide receivers
If you ain't a believer I'm looking for conversion
My 16 is a sermon, get your hands up in this service
I know I'm a bring the realist, you know I've got to kill this
They're telling me, I'm sick, I already know I've got that illness
That 8 0 8 up heavy, my adrenaline got me sweaty
I don't think these people ready, I'm a spazz if they let me
Tell someone come and get me, cause if they get me started
I'm Leo DiCaprio, I'm gone, departed
This ain't for the faint of heart it may be for the heartless
The way I eat this beat you think I was a starving artist

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Spazz, spazz (out) spazz, spazz (out)
Spazz, spazz (out) spazz, spazz (I might just spazz)
Spazz, spazz (out) spazz, spazz (out)
Spazz, spazz (out) spazz, spazz (I might just spazz)

Boy, it's hard to hold this bag, it's hard to keep this in
This spazz ain't feel so right, not to do it it's a sin
Nah, I ain't got to be wildin and I ain't got to be jumpin
But you feel them walls hummin? That's my people comin (let go!)
Now they ain't smokin that good, they fin' to do nothin bad
But they on that Jesus juice so they probably gon spazz
Hollerin 1-1-6, see it tatted on they wrists
Cause they ain't ashamed of nothin', man, they get it how they live
The old us is dead, the new us so legit
Got us spazzin in the game, cause we know we 'bout to win
And I never said I was hot, but a fire's in my bones
Got me sweatin in the winter, got me hotter than a stove
They probably think I done lost it, they probably thinkin I'm gone
But truth be told I found it, I'm Gucci, I'm thrown
I'm better than I ever been and truth done hit me settled in
I'm spazz on these people they don't want it, but they gettin it


I might just spazz
I might just spazz