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Artist: Lecrae
Album:  After the Music Stops
Song:   Nobody
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I know you never knew you pops much but you knew the block huh
livin in a cruel world seein your daddy locked up
no cards no letters never saw your graduation
left you insecure and feelin like you was in agitation
so you rebeled he don't want you you don't care
tryna cover up the pain with the anger your stare
there's a danger in the air
you can smell it you can tell there's something wrong with you
you got the hurt and take it home with you
you thought that you could drink or smoke it away
well maybe money take your problems and just throw them away
but you was wrong and you knew it all along
feelin empty in your soul but you gotta let it go
runnin and duckin cause you know that you're wrong
your soul ain't satisfied with women with songs
and the three blocks on gotcha feelin trapped in a lap
of a lifestyle you want to leave and never turn back (never turn back)

Feels like nobody wants you (feels like nobody)
Feels like nobody loves you
You can't run no more (no more)
Something ain't right in your soul
Feels like nobody needs you, and can't nobody read you
You need truth in your life
You keep runnin from

I understand being broken feelin low down and hopeless
mice in the walls and the kitchen got roaches
gotta catch the bus because the car's repossesed
the bills keep comin so you keep gettin stressed
And you keep skippin church you think you don't need it
you rather drive around and drink a fifth instead
of readin now you life seem heavy you say you ain't ready
to believe Christ died for the sins of the city
you sins ain't pretty you can see that plain
ya keep sayin that you gonna change but you ain't changed
ye can't change you ain't got the power within the problem
ain't what you 'peatin" on the problem is sin, yeah
Hey look man you might be feelin real down and depressed right now
you know what I'm talkin about feelin like nobody cares about you
and like ain't nobody even help you the state that you in
but you gota trust Christ man you gotta trust in Jesus come on


Ya head spinnin you dizy you need a break huh
you workin 13 hours in one day huh
you ain't feelin god thinkin he ain't feelin you
your heart and pockets both broke life here is killin you
you been to church before but you ain't goin back
cause all that prayin you did ain't bring your momma back
and now the drama back where you gonna turn
this is real this is life you gotta talk bout it
you can't just let it burn
let em turn you around
if you burden about some things you did in your past
ain't concerning the now my father forgives sinners
on his sons only stain, he streched out his wrists
and took a lot of pain to claim you


Yes, feel like nobody love you
you know what I'm sayin and like nobody wants you around
but you know, if something ain't right with you
you can't keep runnin and hidin
duckin and ignoring the truth for a long time
knowin that Christ paid for sin feelin lie
you can't turn to him for whatever reason
man tryin to solve your own problems you can't do it
talk to him trust in him you know what I'm sayin
let him change you around let him get with you
let work with you you ain't too far gone
you ain't never too far gone - yeah