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Artist: Lecrae
Album:  After the Music Stops
Song:   Jump *
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* bonus track

It's the assurance of things hoped for
Noah built a boat for
Jesus took a beatin and his whole body was broke for
Spoke for. Through it we know who the Word was wrote for
Abraham had it, matter fact that's what he's known for
Faith, y'all, through it we were saved by grace
If you got it, we can see it by the way you run the races
That means we can see it on your face
If the faith don't act, then it really ain't faith
And that really ain't the case cause faith ain't fake
It'll have you try'na act out the Word everyday
Every Christian has faith, it's a gift; we should use it
Some distort the veiw of it and others just abuse it
It can be irrational and make you give your life up
This is for the cause of Christ and not to get a nice truck
Righteous, when you know you gotta trust God
When it seems hard, man, faith is a must have

You gotta leap y'all (Leap with it!)
You gotta leap y'all (Leap with it!)
Take a leap of faith
You gotta leap y'all (Leap with it!)
Come on jump for now
Jump for me now
Jump jump
Jump for me now
Jump for me now {*2X*}
Jump {*second repeat*}

Before you heard "Breath In", "Represent! Get Krunk! "
I was tested in my faith, and I didn't know if I could jump
I was at my 9-to-5 try'na make a couple dimes
But somethin in my soul was sayin that I had to rhyme
I was rappin every saturday, teachin on Sunday
8 A.M. again I'm back to work another Monday
Man I was hatin it, I wasn't even fakin it
And then came opportunity, but me, I wasn't takin it
Show after show came; a couple folks came
But leavin work to rap was risky like the dope game
And mama mad at me, she say that it was bad for me
To spend my time in school just to rap, what a tragedy
Alot of free shows, but I had to pay bills
Lord, you know I wanna go, but can you show me what you will
I wasn't chasin rap dreams, wasn't try'na stack green
God had my back against a wall like a flat screen
Urgin me to trust, Lord I wanna, but I'm scared to
Lord, I'm prepared to be broke, just to share you
So I followed Abraham. I told the Lord to take my hand
I took a leap of faith, and I ain't never been the same agin


Move around with it. Get krunk with it
Gon' head everybody, just jump with it
Jump for me now, jump for me now
Jump jump
Jump for me now
Jump for me now
Now lean with it, just lean with it
Jump! [*16X*}