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Artist: LBC Crew f/ Bo Roc, Tray Dee
Album:  Haven't You Heard
Song:   Doggfather's Diciple
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When you really wanna get fucked up
You know the man to visit, the Doggfather
You know where to find him
187.4 FM W-Ballz

Motivation of a nation
The beat be the station
Intro 2 the indo describes compilation
You facin' Doggystyle records in the beat
92.3 In the names Techniec
Speaks funkin poetry that he know
Pack like a cathedral 92. Theo

[Bad Azz]
I get high, electricity bills every month
Cos the beat got what the street got in you beat box
923 tune your dial while we do you doggystyle
It feels good to you so you crack a smile
I'll make your head twirl
Let the beat official radio station of the world
The beach rocks the beat, it rocks the beach
And y'all know god lord you best watch for me
BAD LBC Doggystyle unique 92.3
Million dollars will make you holla

[Tray Deee]
I gots to twist the dial over to the hour
Where they bumpin something more suited to my style
When I'm on the prowl dippin' in my low low
Staying doggystyle even when I go solo
Show no remorse on my course to win
Just like 92 staying true to the end
As I send shouts out to the LBC
Representing Doggystyle and the DPGs (my block)

[Bo Roc]
This is just a game we play every single day
Others try to funk like this but they can't funk this way