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Artist: Lauryn Hill
Album:  The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Song:   Final Hour
Typed by: (from liner notes)

[Lauryn - Rapping - Verse One]
I treat this like my thesis
Well-written topic, broken down into pieces
I introduce then produce
Words so profuse it's abuse how I juice up this beat
Like I'm deuce, two people both equal
Like I'm Gemini, rather Simeon
If I Jimmy on this lock I could pop it
You can't stop it, drop it
Your whole crew's microscopic
Like particles while I make international articles
And on the cover
Don't discuss the baby mother business
I been in this third LP you can't tell me, I witness
First handed I'm candid
You can't stand it, respect demanded
And get flown around the planet
Rock Hard like granite or steel
People feel Lauryn Hill from New-Ark to Israel
And this is real, so I keep makin' the street's ballads
While you lookin' for dressin' to go with your tossed salad

[Chorus - 2x]
You can get the money!
You can get the power!
But keep your eyes on the Final Hour!

[Verse Two]
I'm about to change the focus from the richest to the brokest
I wrote this opus, to reverse the hypnosis
Whoever's closest to the line's gonna win it
You gonna fall trying to ball
While my team win the pennant
I'm about to begin it
For a minute, then run for senate
Make a slum lord be the tenant give his money to kids to spend it
And then amend it, every law that ever prevented
Our survival since our arrival
Documented in The Bible, like Moses and Aaron
Things gon' change, it's apparent
And all the transparent gonna
Be seen through, let God redeem you
Keep your deen true
You can get the green too
Watch out what you cling to
Observe how a queen do 
And I remain calm reading the 73 Psalm
'Cause with all this going on I got the world in my palm

[Chorus - 2x]
You can get the money!
You can get the power!
But keep your eyes on the Final Hour!

[Verse Three]
Now I be breaking bread sipping
Manichevitz wine
Pay no mind party like it's 1999
But when it comes down to ground beef like Palestine
Say your rhymes, let's see if that get you out your bind
Now I'm a get the mozzarella like a Rockerfeller
Still be in the church of Lalibela, singing hymns a cappella
Whether posed in Maribella in Couture
Or collecting residuals from off The Score
I'm making sure I'm with the 144
I've been here before this ain't a battle, this is war
Word to Boonie
I makes a lot like a Sunni
Get diplomatic immunity in every ghetto community
Had opportunity went from Hoodshock to Hood-chic
But it ain't what you cop, it's about what you keep
And even if there are leaks, you can't capsize this ship
Cause I baptize my lips every time I take a sip (Every time i take sips!)

[Chorus - 4x]