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Artist: Lil Marley f/ Rarri
Album:  Single
Song:   Work Hard, Play Hard Remix
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Intro/Chorus one: Work Hard Play Hard Repeats
Work repeats

[Lil Marley Verse 1]
Work hard to play hard, she twerk hard so I stay hard
If you don't believe in niggas better pray hard
I ace shit like I'm playing cards, give Her wood like I'm Menards
Shopping till I drop..I aint stopping till I pop, nigga!
You know this is what I do, I'm high as fuck nigga, what bout you?
I keep it real to tell the truth, nigga Uh!
Nigga I will fuck yo' main bitch like she was just a plain bitch
I'm on that Mary Jane bitch, nigga Uh!
King size rolling papers and they made of hemp
Hot boxing in this motherfucker, check the temp
If anything, they give me extra, never get a skimp
Costing me an arm and leg, now I got to limp
Uh! {*laughs*}

[Chorus two]
The bigger the bill, the harder you ball
Well I'm throwin mine, cause my money long
The quicker you're here, the faster you go
That's why where I come from the only thing we know is

[Rarri Verse 2]
bad bitch, fat ass nigga
Hair down to her ass nigga
don't need school, I got class nigga
I got a lot of blunts to get pass nigga
that's fat sacks when im rolling up
Only roll dubs to get high as fuck
If you in my car then light it up
Got so much Loud that it's hard to hear
Smoke so much Loud, I need another ear
Popping bottles, no drinking beer
And I'm growing up and my family here
Finally made it, my time is near
that's a hundred thousand just on my ear
My nuts hang like chandeliers
“popping bottles, no drinking beer”
“Smoking Loud, I know you hear it”
I'm smoking Loud, I know you hear it
Good Kush, that's O.G.
Good Kush, you know me
I'm in the game like Kobe
And all these bitches know me!

[Chorus two]

[Verse 3: Lil Marley]
I work for mine
Only grind where a nigga wont leave a dime
Got to stack to shine
Rarri: and I'm a shine like it's no blinds
'cause my flow hotter than a fucking summertime
Lil Marley: I do it for me, and anybody supporting
And I don't watch the news 'cause all you snitch niggas reporting
Rarri: but I aint on duty
Bitch, I'm a big dog, I aint talking Scooby

[Chorus two]

[Chorus one]