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Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Lasers
Song:   Till I Get There
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[Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco]
Album on hold, whole world on hold
The crowd is like "HO!" (ho!), operator's like "hold" (please hold)
Man, now ain't that cold?
I'm just tryin to talk to my homie that's up in the hole
And homegirl not tryin to be a ho, even though she on a pole
Can she get a second chance? No! (no!)
Whoa, like the opposite of go
That ain't how it's supposed to be/bee or butterfly
But for the sake of rhymin, let's just say butterfly-ey
The truth stings like Muhammad Ali (*bell rings*)
I tell 'em, tell 'em don't homicide me
I'm just a little old hope with his back against the ropes
Fightin for his fans and fightin for his folks
But the boos from the crowd can become so loud
If I can block 'em out then, I could knock 'em out and (oh, oh)
Dance around the ring but until then I'll sing

[Chorus - Lupe Fiasco]
I'm a keep it cool and I'm a do me
It is what it is and it's how it's gon' be
Until I get there, 'til I get there
And yeah I got flaws, I know I'm not perfect
But all the ups and downs, will soon be worth it
When I get there, when I get there, whoa-oa

[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco]
Doctor, doctor please, the fame ain't painless enough
That's 'cause you ain't famous enough
You got a little game but your name ain't ringin enough
He said take two of these, put some change in my cup
I said "I wasn't poor," he gave me some more
Prescribed me a publicist and pointed to the door
Out, ouch, I'm tellin you this all from a therapist's couch
Tell me about your mother, what she's all about
Prescribed me a interview and then told me to bounce
Damn, jeez, the world is so cold, I'm glad I bought these skis
Went right off of the bunny slopes and right into the trees
Rendered unconscious, they rushed me to a concert
Instead of green jello and maybe chicken soup (oh, oh)
They fed me magazine covers and video shoots


[Verse 3 - Lupe Fiasco]
And when I finally make it, I'm a stunt so hard
Evil/Evel as Knievel, I'm a jump so far
Way up in the atmosphere, I ain't comin back
Be a jerk to them jerks, yeah that'll make 'em hurt
Huh? Said a young boy in the mirror
A young version of me, so I started to tear up
He said "you need to cheer up, your mind need to clear up
You're already here, just be yourself from here up"
Then he disappeared and I felt something familiar
Something I was taught, something I had lost
If you are afraid or fear that you gon' change some (oh, oh)
All you gotta do is just remember where you came from