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Artist: Lupe Fiasco f/ John Legend
Album:  Lasers
Song:   Never Forget You
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[Chorus - John Legend]
Take me to that old, familiar place
Take me to memories we won't erase
Take me to all that we had
Good and the bad

I'll never forget you
I'll never let you go
I'll never forget you
I'll always remember, I hope you know
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, let the record reflect, the records we set
Best foot forward, with every step
And let's push towards it, never regress
And let's remember, if ever we get
Down, the places that we came from 'round
And all the good times on the bad side of town
The upside of bad, flip it upside down
Came from the bottom but we up high now
Believe, and from this view we achieved
We look back at the rules we received
And how we broke those, dismantled and rewrote those
And the ghost still alive in the photos
Sounds of the summer, didn't go wise
Cold wind blowin through a city on fire
Moments of the past, came here to find you
Not to relive them, just to remind you ...


[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, and let the evidence show, the future's so bright
It's never been more, not like tonight
We walk into the glow, right into the light
The past all around us, the time of our life
The first love kisses, the broke heart disses
This is, just like a first-class ticket
Back, to the first written rap
The crumbled up paper and the pen with no cap
The hand-me-down clothes and the unturned hat
The hookers on the corner and the kids sellin crack
The needles in the yard, where we used to play catch
Stories from the projects we could never go at
Or to, these are shades of my youth
Trials of a child, everything truth
Moments of the past, comin back to find us
Not to relive them, just to remind us ...


[Verse 3 - Lupe Fiasco]
Everything cherished, remembered in my heart
So you will never perish, you will never part
I tell 'em all about you, drummin in the park
We put you in the ground but I see you in the stars
Go on take a bow, a round of applause
The best that ever, always ready we are
Love always shines, that's how I'll find you
In case you forgot, I hope this reminds you, now ...