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Artist: Lupe Fiasco f/ MDMA
Album:  Lasers
Song:   Coming Up
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[Intro - Lupe Fiasco - talking]
A haha, if you feeling good, let me hear you say "alright, alright"
Ann, what up?
Alright, Pooh Bear
I'm feeling good, so I'm gonna say it myself - alright, alright
Claudia, alright
How ya gonna do this?
Keep up (uh)

[Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco]
This one goes out to the baby girls
In a rush growin up in this crazy world
Yeah your brother on the road and he never home
I know you feeling kinda sad now that daddy gone
You can't let it get you down, gotta carry on
We only lose things, because it make us strong
You always had my love, and now you got a song
From the biggest, biggest fan that you've ever known
I know you want me little girls, not for very long
And you ain't gotta have a man if you don't ever want
'Cause I'm gonna make sure you got two of everything
That you ever want, every town, like your very own
Not to make you hard to respect
Just really, really, really, really hard to impress
It's a whole wide world for you to go and get your hands on
Until then, just come and get your dance on, now

[Chorus - MDMA] - w/ Lupe Fiasco ad libs
I see you coming up
I'm a give you the lowdown, down, down
You ain't never gotta worry 'bout nothin
Just as long as I'm around, 'round, 'round, 'round

[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, this for everybody feeling good
You know who you are, or you misunderstood
Never had money, or you livin good
If you from the 'burbs, if ya in the hood
Recognize where we come from
In my day mayne, I did a little somethin somethin
They like "how come you don't rap that?"
'Cause that's a backtrack and I ain't tryin to back back
I'm only movin forward homie, that's that
Direction, a lot of shoulders lack that
I'm just tryin to give it to 'em like Satin Ave
Now I know I might not make it like a fat rat
That's cool, as long as he don't trap crack
Graduate from school and still let his pants sag
Never catch a case, know how to let his cash stack
Welcome to the map, go any way tap that, now

[Chorus] - w/ Lupe Fiasco ad libs

[Break - MDMA]
And if the floor falls out, I'm a be there to carry you
And if you want that star, I'll go get it out the sky for you
If you cry or shed a tear, I'm a dry your eyes
Just to let you know, it'll be alright

[Verse 3 - Lupe Fiasco]
I know it's like a whole lot going on
Things going right, things going wrong
Maybe baby, I've been waitin on you for so long
Know that in this world you're never really on your own
God got a number, get him on the phone
He'll never put ya places where ya don't belong
Put ya through the pain, to put ya on the throne
And I know that from the bottom of my core, it's on
And if they lookin at ya sideways
You just wave right back and tell 'em "hi hater"
Mad you ain't hangin with 'em in the driveway
Nah we gon' keep it movin to the highway
Strong is puttin on
The week is all over like Friday, chillin
Shout out to King David for bringin in the feelin
And I'm a put the independent women in the building, let's go

[Chorus] - 2X - w/ MDMA ad libs until the end