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Artist: Lupe Fiasco f/ Gemini
Album:  Food & Liquor
Song:   Just Might Be Okay
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[Talking: Lupe Fiasco]
Ohhh... woaaahh

Food and Liquor...G Bo we here man
Gemini... you know how we do

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Affirmative, no further furnishing is needed
I believe we are completed
We all in agreement with the wallpaper, happy with the color scheme
Welcome to the crib
A two family habitat for humanity with a view of where the
uh, my vida loca
Was built like Bob Villa be thy God
He architected, I authored what I harbored, Jimmy Carter
From Chicago's west side, finished my construction
Now behold the coming like contracepts
I'm conscious '
cept the cons I kept
With conversations held with the Satan on my shoulder
Which led to steps that kept me lookin over the shoulder
Like chauffeurs, where my angels sat
Painful, yet merry
I ain't Jerry Garcia mort here
But I'm grateful, church

[Hook: Gemini]
We just might be okay, after all
Sun gone shine, on these days

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
It's fixin to get heavy as heaven
I am Atlas at this, manage to balance massive masses
Upon my back, without tilting my glasses
This was not pilfer from passes of OGs
This is so me, ask us
Mini-mansion, little homie, little boney, but the rhymes is fat
In fact, yeah, just like a Rochester customer
God blessed the mothers and younger brothers of hustlas
Cause she don't wanna sob at his wake
But he wanna follow in his steps, bend his hat, learn his shakes
Master his swagger in the bathroom mirror, cop a Chevy, steady mob in his place
Yeah, it's just the problems we face
Look his moms in tha face and promise she straight

[Hook: Gemini]
We just might be okay, after all
Sun gone shine, on these days

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Then he leaves the house that love built
That HUD renovated, that section 8 paid for
Well let's pray for him, let the beat play for him
Put his struggles on display for him
Cause he gotta go and finish the drama
With a different face from the one that he use to face his mama
If you look close
You'll see it consist of a smile that hurts, an ice grill, and a trace of trauma
Little bit of his father, another criterion
That's no different from a young Liberian
In Mecca named Miriam, weary in the inner city, out of his mind
Literally recon ciliate
I'm cool, I don't foretell best
I ain't nicest emcee, I ain't Cornel West
I am Cornel Westside, Chi-town Guevara
Malcolm exercised the demons, gangsta leanin'
He traded in his Kufi for a New Era
Chose a 44 over a mortar board
I ain't an accredited instituted graduate, I ain't from Nazareth
My conception wasn't immaculate, I ain't master no calculus
A good addition to the rap audience
I back-flipped on the mattress they slept on, me on
Without Joe - knowing is half the battle
Fighting temptation, have a apple
Shake the snakes, pimp the system
Let's get into it, tabernacle

[Hook: Gemini]
We just might be okay, after all
Sun gone shine, on these days

We just, just might be okay