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Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Food & Liquor
Song:   I Gotcha
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Ho! Yeah!
You know what it is...Lupe!
Chicago man! Yeah! Man!
You know I have ya right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right

[Verse 1]
They call me Lupe (pe), I'll be your new day (day)
They wanna smell like me, they want my bouquet
But they can't, they accented like the UK
Turn that ude Lupe to Pepe Le Peu spray
Fragrantly fragrant and they can't escape me
My perfume pursued them everywhere that they went
You don't want a loan leave my cologne alone
It's a little to strong for you to be putting on
Trust me I say this justly
I went from musty to musky and y'all can't mush me
I warn y'all cornballs I Hush Puppies
The swans in the pond call my duck ugly
But now they hug me, because it's lovely
They love the aroma of a roamer of the world
Got the shakers and the skaters and the players and the girls
Keep the fakers and the flakers and the haters in a twirl

You want the flava ma, hey I gotcha
You want the realness, well I gotcha
I know you sick of them niggaz big car and watch ya
Either they pimps or they macks or they mobsters

You want the real shit, well I gotcha
You see my niggaz here, you know we proper
You know we do it right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right
You know we do it

[Verse 2]
And I'm from Chi-Town (town), that's where I flies round (round)
Keep some Cartier frames over my eyes now
We used to gangbang a lot of that done died down
Children of the hat tiltin' keepin hope alive now
All with no high, I do it so fly
Banksy's attack helicopter with the bow tie
I love my city really hope that God bless it
Have my mind moving faster than that hog in the hedges
Welcome all of y'all to my dark recesses
This is where I keep the bars like bathtub edges
My Ivories and my Doves my Levers and my Zests
It takes half of your bubble bath to match the freshness
The belly of the beast you know I'm from it
I wrap it in a towel here go my pal in the stomach
And I be on my green like Irish Spring and I coast
Fudge wit it and get a mouth full of soap


[Verse 3]
And so to sign off (off), this beat I rhyme off (off)
Is from Thelonious P and Hugo Mind Boss (boss)
You feel it in the air (air), it's such a fine force (force)
But you don't hear me though (though), just like a mimes toss (toss)
That's cause I'm in Europe, me and my friends tour a
I'm on my pimp, my temperature is tempura
I take it easy on my watch I'm watchin TV
Am I clean as Maharshi, see the hare is trying to beat me
I continue to do Lu's pace
They say him got two heads and four eyes just like screwface
But see my secret's safe it's in my secret safe
That's in my secret room on my secret base
So from the runner of the FNF crew
Come in hip hop we've come to resurrect you
You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you


Yessir, FNF