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Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Food & Liquor II - The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1
Song:   Heart Donor
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I'm a heart donor, I'm a heart donor
Everything I got, I give it all to you
My heart and my soul, I give it all to you
Cause I'm a heart donor

[Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah, uhh - yeah
I'm just a conduit
To keep you calm through it
So you respond lucid
The man you love foolish
When it's gone, stupid
You think you gonna lose it
But you don't bounce, you just bond to it
Like you Sean Con or Gorilla Glue-ish
With a blonde in your palm, King Kong in your coolness..
But they still tryna knock you off the roof kid
Singing you the blues, you crayon up the music
Change it in the rainbows and rubics
Keep telling yourself you the wave of the future Howard Hughes is
It's huge if you refuse to blow your fuses
You blow up, exactly how Lu' did..


[Lupe Fiasco]
I hope my stories can keep you off Maury
Away from a way up, far from a mandatory
Which means, through the mail only way you see the shorties
Keep your sons out the slums and your daughters out of orgies
Look in the mirror, see yourself and adore thee
Whisper in your ear, I fear nothing that's before me
And always remember that you're royalty
From the line drawn to this Porky
And everything that's in between
Make sure you cherish every scene
And put on the biggest show your adversaries ever seen
Now even if you've never limousined
Important, yeah you're very there
There's red carpet everywhere


[Lupe Fiasco]
Just know I got your back, yeah I got it, and I will go to bat
Like Gotham's under attack I will spot em, keep you from ever touching the mat
Be your Robin, bring that onomatopoeia
Down upon all your problems like "zap! boom! bang!"
Cause all y'all my pals
I tribune through your tribulations, channel through your trials
Please God, help keep the value in my vows
A man of my words that Vanna turns around
And if your fortune turns, I never turn you down
No matter who your healthcare provider, I'm a rider
Even if I gotta bring the defibulators out
A John Q on cue just for you
Peace sign