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Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II:Revenge of the Nerds
Song:   Ghetto Story
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"aye you see the show last night man?"
"you see them rims man, you see them new Jordan's man?"
"you see her ass yo?"

I seen it with my ghetto eyes
I walked there with my ghetto feet
I talked it with my ghetto speech
Im copastetic I won't let it
Bring me down, bring me dooooown

[Verse 1]
I said instilled
As I peep beneath the tilted brim of my pin-wheel...Steady Mobbin
Heavy problems genocide desensitized environments
Sometimes make it hard to sympathize, pardon
Individuals who's feelins is minsicual soon become criminals...if you dark-skinned
And you was raised in the project apart-ments
Public-Aid made it so your father couldn' stay, he at the park now
Left with only a mother the family structure suffers
He will soon cling to hustla's as his guar-dians
He's still a boy needs to fill a void...mar-ching
Up the block up to no good selling in the wrong hood
He was takin' down by a marks-man
At his wake 8th grade graduation picture
Last verse don't let your habitat get cha(pause)
"Lord have mercy on fallen" Amen
Feel like I'm hark-ing got the "Harp Angel" for the coming of the
But I got some big fish to fry like marlins
Park Niggas

I got some questions to ask and I'm waitin' on some answers
Like why do the good die young, why ain't there no cure for cancer
Can't let the streets dictate my glory, cuz there's somethin' out there for me
But I'ma plead my territory
So I won't end up just a Ghetto Storrrrry
Just a Ghetto Storrrrry
Just a Ghetto Storrrry
Just a Ghetto Storrrry

[Verse 2]
And I try to see past it
Through the down rolled window on the driver side of my Caprice classic
Steady Mobbin' corner store traffic
I.E. dope fiends, hookers, and teens with alcohol I.V.'s, I see
"Plastic cups is a nickel sixty cents for Dutch mas-ters"
My big brothers Pelle Pelle make us forever far gone like weed smoke
Looking for greener past-ures
Pasturize two percent for $2.19 you can get two quartz
There also a sell on Newports
Asepera te line for lotto
A bumpy face ad of a model huggin' a bottle
Salt n Sour Jays and Blue-berry Hugs shorty's consider a meal, them I feel for
Sweatin' for a pair of Air Jordans they would steal for
And a gold chain, four fings...will knife wield and kill yours
There nothin' to promising on the billboards
"Drink Tanqueray", "Eat KFC", "Come abort your child", and "Bye Nikes"
It makes it highly unlikely that we gon'fight G.


And I'm still on
Stroll down the same streets so many like me once before where killed on
Steady Mobbin', thinkin' bout the Black Panthers
And the babys that were born in the late Eighties
That now have babys that lack pampers
No Kwanzaas and they lack Santas
And a father who think that shoppin' is the answer
Skipped out on parent hood classes so she don't know how to handle
Never learned from her grandmother
One day got hot couldn't take it dropped it in a vacant lot
Album of my life now condensed into a samplers
See the shapes these lil girls is gettin'
Some say the steriods and the chicken
Is the cause of the thickening in the young women livin
See some shorty's playin' cops and robbers livin
Bitter-sweet thoughts is what I had for them
I can picture quota-fillin chasing after them
Catching up to, frisking, then asking them
"Where the packs at?" "Who yo chief is?" "Where the straps at?"
Am I thinkin' to hard or perhaps that
Realty and the project mentality
But through it all I hope we learn more then
How to be whores and how to hold a ball
Steady Mobbin


Down we go

Up we go