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Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge of the Nerds
Song:   Dear Fall
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(*Dear Summer* Beat)
Lupe Talking: Yessir What up Shinobi, Suzie what up...
Salaam alaikum... uh... yea
What up Chi-Town, what up Westside
What up everywhere else in the woooorld
Haha... President Carter what up

[Verse 1]
Dear Fall! You might not know what my album is called
Its Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor
God willing September when I plan to fall, I mean drop like the temperature
Then rock on right through the winter
Put something on they mind, give em lines to remember
Aw! a lifetime remember which is mine
Then recorded then enjoy then rewind then look into
My mis-adventures... adventures into the Underworld hanging with them cover girls
This ain't my enter naw on Arista I coulda been a contender
But BMG had a differant agenda
What up LA Reid? I still see ya
You still my homeboy won't even charge ya for a feature
I went from M.C. to being M.S.
Thats Microphone Controller to Motivational Speaker... neegas(niggas)
Staf Allah I'm not a prophet but Fahrenheit 1/15 is being quoted by preachers
Far from being a leader but I'm still being invited by teachers
Wit no Hennessey and no reefer
Give em a hand I came from hand-me-down sneakers
And I don't wanna boast or brag
But for what most niggas hope... a nigga done had
Chop game wit my +Folk+ and split it in half
"You ain't gotta bring it back tomorrow" a nigga can have
Rich or broke... a nigga ain't mad
Self-esteem will make a regal ride like a [???]
Just wipe the french fries off the seat lean back and I tilt my hat
And I'ma head to the baseline
Free base to the 8 times at +Baseline+ watching Jay put it together
I wonder if he knew while he was mumbling this would push Lupe forever
Together... with the F-n-F crew
Atlantic on post proudly present to you:
Some new,something fresh, something differant
A lil to the left, a lil upliftin'
A lil good game, a lil hustlin'
Some SB Nikes, some nice crushed linen
Don't forget the skateboard, of course the nice women
Can I get a mic check a lil light dimming
And a fresh bottle of Vos, maybe some light lemon
And you gotta blame my momma for the lil lightskinnin'
And this ain't written I swear Autumn
I was just recording em... as I thought em
A Y.G. F-n-F U.P.
23 year old V.P. wit a flow like Lawd n them
That'll getcha sleepy but soon as they knod off that when I'm smelling Sodom
What up Madison Street... how they gonna keep us off them?... PEEEEACE