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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   What the Problem Is
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[Young Noble]
Good lookin on a light nigga, yeah
Big Hollis this that shit right there man
Nigga need to smoke one in this muh'fucker man
Check it out

5 in the mornin police at my do' (police at my do')
Timberlands run across the hall wood flo'
Dipped inside the alley, to make my escape
Didn't even get a chance to grab my 2Pac tape
There's always somethin in the city of dreams
Young hustlers said bust it, just as hungry as me
Got some niggaz out in Jersey, lovin the bang
And my niggaz out in L.A., they love the same thang
Cleveland to Atlanta, Sacramento to A-Town
We all outlaws and the streets is our playground
Bang on the waistline, hang just to waste time
Money I'ma make mine, respect I'ma take mine
Can't take nothin from me so they wanna take somethin from me
Either my life or my money, or one of the homies
Ain't nothin funny 'bout death, there's so sequel
A cold cold world, with a few good people left

[Chorus: Layzie Bone]
I wake up early in the mornin, every day I'm thinkin hustle
But that's not what on your mind  what's the problem is?
Walk out the do' go to the sto', I see two niggaz finna fight
And now I'm thinkin to myself - what the problem is?
We tryna come up out the gutter, they keep holdin us down
And the question still remain - what the problem is?
Is it me? Is it you? Is it us, as a group?
If it is, then help me figure out the problem then

[Layzie Bone]
It's a little bit safer during the day, when the kids is out to play
When them street lights come on, they better be takin they ass home
We do our dirt up under the sunlight but the moonlight is dimmer
January down to December, through the spring fall and winter
You learn to survive, in the ghetto, better break than get took
Sellin that yayo on the corner nigga better break or get booked
Look, po-po is on that ass, and them jackals is on that ass
Them crackheads they make the laws, but it's the niggaz you got to blast
They so cutthroat, they sheisty!
One-eighty-seven the lesson, the niggaz that's frontin they might be
The only way a nigga make it out the ghetto and that's real
Combat on contact, nigga kill or be killed - swear fo' God
Thug life is serious, my heart is near and dear to this
So many pause to understand this, I wanna smoke the cannibus
I can't forget the hood, they represent my struggle right
Money, women, power, respect; that's just a soldier's life


[Interlude 2X: Young Noble]
Cigarettes, and this drank, and this dank
They keep my mind at ease - what the problem is?
So I smoke, and I choke, on the hopes 
to keep my mind at ease - what the problem is?

[Layzie Bone]
Get that money, what's the problem?
(Get that money, get that money)

Yeah we ridin Caddy coupes, stankin like it's Mercedes Benz
Malibu's and heavy Chevy's every day, I'm stackin ends
Some niggaz turn crumbs to bricks while other niggaz they fumble wit it
Make it out, start a business, while other niggaz they crumble wit it
Need work? Well come and get it, best believe that I got mine
I'ma represent for the O.G.'s and the hustlers that got time
City sets to the penitentiary, from one jungle to the next jungle
The lab breed beast, and I'm always ready to rumble!