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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   We Can Get it On
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[Intro: Young Noble]
Thug Brothers in this motherfucker
Young Noble, Outlaw
Layzie Bone in this, uhh
Makaveli live on, uhh
Killa Khadafi live on, uhh
Eazy-E live on
We gon' do this shit 'til Flesh-N-Bone come home

[Young Noble]
Call me Mr. Koopa with a jab similar to Zab Judah
Doin pull-ups and push-ups, can't wait to get up out of these cuffs
Get down on my luck, I'm right back up
Keep my chin tucked, runnin and keepin my wind up
Tryin to let go of these cigarettes, nigga I'm still a threat
Who wanna be next when Thug Brothers react?
I'm lovin the fact, this thug shit is runnin through my veins
And no it won't change, I'ma die this way
All my tattoos is soldier stripes, and as the soldier's life
Only three-time felon with no strikes
Strap up the Nikes, strap up is right
You know niggaz ain't playin with a fair game of dice
Young Noble and Layzie Bone, that's a deadly combination
You fuckin with some veterans nigga, ain't none better than
Me and my bred-dren SICK, we need medicine QUICK
I'ma tell you lil' niggaz like this, like this

[Chorus 2X: Young Noble] + (Layzie)
(We can get it onnnnn) We can get it on my nigga - FUCK THAT!
We can get it on my nigga - FUCK THAT!
(We can get it onnnnn) We can get it on my nigga  FUCK THAT!
Take it to the middle of the streets

[Layzie Bone]
Throw them hands up, nigga guard your grill
Put the gun down, nigga keep it real
See the truth of the matter you a pussy dawg 
like a coward nigga you ready to kill
Still the fact remains, you ain't got no heart, you ain't got no brain
Buster nigga you lame, one murder to get a name
And I go to war for two thangs, my family and my paper
My money moves they stay major nigga you cross the line and I'll fade ya
If you want it, you can get it and that's on everything that I love
From the clip up from the shoulders 
I'll bring it to any one of you thugs nigga
You seen the Bone niggaz, seen The Outlawz, let me spell it out
S-U-double-C-E-S-S, nigga flat out
And I done had about enough drama, enough pain, too much strife
Take this shit to the middle of the streets nigga, if you wan' fight
When it's time to go nigga that's it, like trainin day, nigga man up
Go 'head nigga stand up, put them hands up and let 'em fly
Y'all niggaz is scared as shit, I dare you bitch go make a move
Any one of y'all got shit to prove, bet it all Lil' Lay don't lose


[Young Noble]
Young niggaz comin up, just lurk in the turf
To get money on the block they gotta put in work
Some wind up, six feet up under the dirt
Ain't nuttin tough about bein laid up in the church
It was rough when I was growin up, shit got worse
Lost souls in the cold world, blood they thirst
Shit, the lil' niggaz wanna ride in a hearse, the twenty-fo's spinnin
Hoes grinnin cause they ain't likin where he was livin  damn!

[Layzie Bone]
Nigga we gon' ride, 'til the wheels fall off 
with calico's and real sawed-offs
I'ma bust a nigga in the dome, there'll be bodybags they will haul off
In the trenches since my brother's sentence; henchmen, on a fuckin mission
Money, and the power is what I'm after y'all so pay attention
If I catch a nigga slippin dawg, I'm takin all his property
Don't make me have to pop the heat so nigga, what you got for me?
If I were down don't wouldn't say a word
Nigga I'm the man, what you ain't heard?
Talk that shit and you will get served
Word is bond, nigga that's my word


We can get it onnnnn {*4X*}