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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   Then Your Gone
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[Young Noble]
Uh, uh, uh
This dedicated to the music, it's all I know (it's all I know)
It not only come from my heart, it come from my soul
It all started back in Africa with drums and claps (with drums and claps)
In the same type of feelin we applied to rap
I put my soul on the song, for the world to embrace
Tryna spread a lil' love, in this world of hate
Picture life without music, you think you've seen war?
I take this more serious than just a pour
Back party to party, backyard to yard
We tear it up y'all, I pass the mic to the Lord
It's rightfully yours, responsibility for the cause
When I'm blowin that purple, I stop and I pause
Think of what would life be like, without you in my life?
We air tight, I wanna call you my wife
Let's call it a mic, a beat, and a loud prowl
Of all different nationalities and e'rybody proud
It was jumpin off, and e'rybody respectin it
Excellent before I ever got a check for this
It's no pressure kid, this is what I do
I'm dedicated to the music, I love you
I just wanna hug you and kiss you good night
You helped me keep my lil' man and keep my family tight
So I'm dedicated to you and all you do
Young Noble and Lil' Layzie Bone keepin it true, yeah

[Chorus: Layzie Bone] + (Young Noble)
One day you're here (one day)
And then you're gonnnnne (every day count)
One day you're here, baby (one day)
And then you're gonnnnne (you gotta make every day count)
Been labeled a menace I put in the Guinness
You better go check my manuscript - hey, hey, hey
(every minute, every second count)
Been labeled a menace I put in the Guinness
You better go check that manuscript - hey, hey, hey, hey
(every minute, every second count)

[Layzie Bone]
It's been about twelve years since I seen my nigga
That's when we buried him in the ground, damn Wally I miss you
We wrote that song about you dawg, it was Bone's biggest hit
We went and broke them Beatles records, you can say you the shit
I seen yo' momma last week, and we laughed and cried
Reminiscin how you lived, then you suddenly died
But she strong, and we strong, nigga you livin through Bone
So much drama goin on, I had to write you this song
With tears droppin on my paper, for my nigga in heaven
I know you in a better place, to be yo' friend was a blessin
Every day's a different lesson, so I take it with stride
Still the mission is the money, so I make it and ride
You feel the drums, and the strings, and the lyrics that we bring
Two bad niggaz untouchable team, fuck you pay me, that's the thing
Bad to the motherfuckin Bone dawg, step up in the Bone yard
In the paint we go hard, Thug Brother for life, my road dawg

[Chorus]  repeat 2X