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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   Stay on the Grind
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[Intro: Layzie]
Yeah, yeah (Hollis make 'em clap to this)
L-Burna y'all (that's right)
Young Noble, Thug Brothers (that's right)
Deuce-double-oh-six and beyond nigga
Uh, uh-uh, uh-uh (Hollis make 'em clap to this)
Uh uh (Hollis make 'em clap to this)
And beyond nigga, to infinity nigga (Hollis make 'em clap to this)

[Layzie Bone]
I pop up on yo' block like nigga run it, gimme them diamonds and hun'neds
Mr. Stick-Up Man is comin for ya, you shouldn'ta been stuntin
I seen the envy in yo' eyes, when the purchase was mine
And I know you wanted to take it from me but it just wasn't the time
That's right  them killas I'm with ain't no security dogs
I done got my security in my drawers, niggaz is heavily armed
Ready to cock and discharge, I'm ready to ride for the cause
Be like Latifah and Jada big baby I'm +Settin it Off+, c'mon
It used to be when niggaz'd give you your props
But now you hear, "Fuck them niggaz man, them niggaz ain't hot!"
Them niggaz jumped off the pot and thought he was rawer than me
Little nigga with no experience thought he was stronger than me
I've paid dues to cruise around, with a heater at all times
Make moves around town, representin it at all times
Any nigga want some problems, they can get it, that's the motto
I'm on the grind, with my Thug brother sippin on the 40 bottle

[Chorus 2X: Young Noble]
E'rything gon' be gravy, just stay on the grind
And I know, when I get it they gon' want what's mine
And just know, and when you come I'm gon' be waitin for ya
You wanna lose your life I'ma take it for ya

[Young Noble]
Young Noble and Layzie Bone, we like one and the same
Thug Brothers motherfucker; same struggle different mother
In the memory of Eazy and 'Pac, nigga we freezin the block
These young niggaz get chops and rocks
Tell them niggaz go to school and be better than us
It won't ever be gravy; gotta hustle on the daily
Hustle every second, hustle every minute
Hustle every hour, you gotta be in it to win it
BUT  the game don't wait too long
You gotta get it while you can cash out and get gone
You gotta live for today cause tomorrow you gone
Get on my knees and I pray cause I done weathered the storm
Outlawz don't die so forever it's on
You know my heart stay cold when the weather is warm
When the drama unfold watch a nigga perform
I'm just tryin to stay alive and just stay on the grind and get what's mines


[Layzie Bone]
See I been prayin for the best, but prepare for the worst
And I ain't scared while they wanna see me ride in that hearse
Ash to ash, dirt to dirt, but I'ma live in this verse
Dot my I's and cross my T's, for whatever it's worth
On the surface I'm a champion, underneath I'm thoroughbred
Put the house on {?}, remember Layzie Bone said it
Young Noble livin legend, thug nigga slash rapper
If you send that shit my way I'm sendin it right back at ya nigga

[Young Noble]
Uh, I ain't a killer but don't push me nigga
Since money, I ain't gotta chase pussy nigga
I'm a Outlaw veteran, similar to legends in the game
Coast to coast, they respect the name
Can't forget about Wish, Kray and Flesh-N-Bone
E.D.I. Amin, Kastro to add on the storm
We still gettin it on, we still gettin it in
I'm tryin to win, plenty to stash and plenty to spend - yeah!