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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   Man Up
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[Intro: Layzie Bone]
Yo, ah yeah yeah, ah yeah yeah
It's ya boy young Layzie Bone - yeah (uh-huh, uh-huh, nigga)
Mo Thug nigga (yeah) and that nigga Young Noble
Fuckin with them Outlaw boys, ya heard?
2006 (real shit in the streets)
Lotta thangs goin on out here in the hood, youknowhatI'msayin?
Niggaz gotta stay on they toes, man up (shit don't stop)
Feds is watchin, everybody is watchin (yeah, keep yo' eyes open)

[Layzie Bone]
What's understood don't need to be explained, I move in silence
Too much talkin bring up too much pain, and it ends in violence
Better watch out, cause a man on the roof got a gun 
better run and he aimin at ya
Wanna take what you got, put a hand in the pot 
pop off at them body snatchers
And I go deeper, than yo' average everyday thug nigga
I done met up with the reaper back in the days when I was a drug dealer
Conquered the impossible, did what they said I couldn't do
Got a house on the hill, put away a couple mil' 
and I'd like how it feel, now wouldn't you?
That "should've, could've, would've" - ain't mixed up in my vocabulary
I do it, gotta, get it, cause I know God ain't got no time to spare me
The load get hard, to carry is hard, to bury, one of my dogs (dogs)
I'ma do what's necessary, the shit gets scary when you take that fall
I'ma be prepared, for whatever come my way (my way)
If it's death today I'm ready, y'all gon' respect Lil' Lay (Lil' Lay)
I'ma make this pay, and my kids gon' have what they need
While they wanna put they gossip on me I'm movin at God's speed

[Chorus: Young Noble] + (Layzie) 
Young nigga it's time to man up (put it down) stand up (hold it down)
What goes around (comes around) if you ain't know (you know it now)
Be about it (all the time) me and mine (on the grind)
With no ice (we all shine) clock tickin on God's time 
Man up (put it down) stand up (hold it down)
What goes around (comes around) if you ain't know (you know it now)
Be about it (all the time) me and mine (on the grind)
With no ice (we all shine) the clock tickin on God's time 

[Young Noble]
Now come back in the days, shit when bitches sported finger waves
Them older niggaz rock leather or they rock suede
Quarter villes in Sherlin{?}, sheep skins and eightballs
Hustlin, guzzlin eightball
We caught a cab or we caught the train
And we respected all the ol' heads spittin that game
Sendin lil' niggaz to the store, for some rubber bands and Newports
Plus razors, now they choppin raw
We used to run through the streets bumpin B.D.P.
Kool G., and Public Enemy
Now I'm a public enemy, still we Outlaw soldiers
We pay respect to them ol' heads that came befo' us
They blast first, no warnin stuck on the corner
I live life high speed; slightly disillusioned by weed
I breed thug motherfuckers even worse than me
It's Outlaw for life, this shit is all we need


[Layzie Bone]
Nigga in my hood it's cutthroat, too grimy is the way they livin
Whinos and them dopefiends keep on occupyin them abandoned buildings
Smokin, in the alleyway across from where the children play
Bullets ain't got no names on them, but they flyin around the stray
I can show you better than I can tell you that's why I'm leadin by example
If you with me nigga you with me, all that other bullshit is cancelled
It's the Bone and the 'Lawz, we playin for keeps off in these days
And ain't, movin with amazin grace through the dark tryin to find our way

[Young Noble]
Livin in the fast life, tryin to get my cash right
I had a ball last night, everything gon' be all right
Young O.G. with stripes, nigga I done paid the price
Wrong tryin to make it right, in order to try and save a life
Through the dark sheddin light, it's from my heart to the mic
From the start I sacrificed, rushin to my afterlife
Prayin then I roll the dice, homie I know what it's like
Out of mind, out of sight, the clock tickin on God's time