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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   The Legacy Continues
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[Intro/Chorus: Young Noble] + (Layzie)
Ohh, we back on top again
Back on the block again, haters need oxygen
Breathe - for Eazy and 'Pac and them
No it ain't no stoppin 'em, know this shit'll ever end
Ohh, the legacy continues
(Thug Brothers got next on the menu)
Ohh, the legacy continues
(Thug Brothers got next on the menu)

[Layzie Bone]
What the fuck is up, in the place to be
First up on the mic is Layzie B-O-N-E
That nigga Hollis on the beat, Young Noble in the cut
So listen up close while I tear this shit up
Well I'm Layzie Bone and I got paper galore
Now you might have a lot of money, but I got much more
This new shit, Thug Brothers, finna hit the sto'
And when it do, nigga cop it, jump in your ride and roll
Blow one and smoke some'n, Layzie and Noble want some'n
We only did this, so you could hear music with no frontin
My mentor is Eazy-E, he snatched me off the block
Drankin a fifth of Hennessy while I was listenin to 'Pac
Got in the booth, my attitude was like, "Make y'all feel it"
And let my tombstone read, "He was one of the realest"
And when it's all said and done I'll be tellin you what I been through
I got kids, part two, nigga the saga continues


[Young Noble]
Uhh, aiyyo
I be the Young N-O, to the B-L-E
Last name O-U-T-L-A-W-Z (Outlaw)
And I'm known to throw the W (yeah) even though I'm from the East and
You know I'm from the streets and you know I keep that heat and
Creepin, on the fuckin come up nigga (come up nigga)
That nigga Layzie got my back if you run up nigga
Taught to keep my gun tucked 'til I'm prepared to use it
You can hear it in my music, you know I've been through it
I don't like to get mad, I'm afraid I might lose it
Black out and cause all kind of confusion
This is not an illusion, this is more than music
Solo on WAX, when Young Nob' ATTACK
Told you Sac, nigga this a masterpiece
Me and Layzie, now that's crazy, just ask the streets
It's all reality in all actuality, we strive for longevity
So listen to my melody nigga, YEAH!


[Young Noble] + (Layzie) 
(They don't knowwwww) All the drama
All the pain, all the work we done put in this
(And all I knowwwww) Uh, is get that revenue 
and look for where I'm headed to
It's better to do, whatever you do
Do what your ememy's never'd do
These young niggaz got eleven to shoot
Strap my boots up tight for when we ready to move
For when we ready to move

[Layzie Bone]
Back to back, yeah we swangin them, big NUTS is danglin
Puttin everything on the line, when it goes down, we bang with 'em
Soldiers yeah, we hang with 'em; bustas, no we don't claim 'em
We don't allow them in our sections so keep it movin, you blame us?
Niggaz is total strangers, my family's so tight, get it?
Thuggish Ruggish committed, you other niggaz forget it
Get on, cause this here is a family affair
We thugged out Thug Brothers puttin the smoke in the air, so c'mon