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Artist: Layzie Bone & Young Noble
Album:  Thug Brothers
Song:   I Got Cha'
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[Layzie Bone]
And I got'cha, and I got'cha, and I got'cha

[Chorus: Layzie Bone] + (Young Noble) 
Yeah (I got'cha, especially when the times get hard)
And I got'cha (but baby keep ya faith in God)
And I got'cha (you know I know that you got me)
And I got'cha (way deeper than your eyes could see, I got'cha)
And I provide anything that you need, I got'cha
You was with me when I was down and I believe that I got'cha
Soldier girl in this soldier world, baby I got'cha
Need a sponser? I got'cha; word of honor, I got'cha

[Layzie Bone]
They say it's strength in numbers, and they say it's strength in loyalty
I know you had to choose one day, and I'm just glad that the boy was me
You spoil me, but somethin I couldn't get in these streets
You held me down, late night grindin out here, holdin the heat
Look at you, you my nigga boo, down to pull the trigger too
Tryin to get me to change my ways, respectin what a nigga do
Back then didn't have a clue, now we livin better (now)
Grippin the woodgrain in the range, all interior leather (now)
You want that mink? No problem, diamond rings I got'cha
Take this trey-eight revolver, don't let nobody rob ya
When you're sick I'm the doctor, you did created a monster
Every time we in the bed, I'ma break you off proper
I'ma give you what you deserve and that's the best of me
You real with me and I'm real with you, to the death for me
You the first when I call when I'm tryin to kick it
And if I got it, then you got it, come and get it, you dig it?


[Young Noble]
Uhh, uhh, turn the lights down low
Open up your ears, let me introduce you to the flow
First off, I used to be worse off, I'm better now
Until my heart a lil' somethin tryin to let her now
I was a second child, of a rollin stone
I had to learn how to love on my own
Wanna embrace you, instead I just push you away
I wanna thank you lil' mama cause you still stuck by me
Rollin up that spliff for me
She real cool at first, next thing ya know mama tried to flip on me
You the shit shorty, and if I asked you to
In the crib she'll stack the whole brick for me
Good girl with a lil' bit of freak in her
I'm showin shorty off, I ain't tryin to creep with her
And you can catch us in the mall with bags
Her lil' homegirl jealous of her Outlaw tat'


[Layzie Bone  repeat 2X]
When it's good I got'cha, when it's bad I got'cha
When ya hurt, I got'cha, through the pain I got'cha
When it rain I got'cha, when you fall I got'cha
Through it all I got'cha, through it all I got'cha

[Young Noble]
And when you cry I wanna be the one to wipe the tears
And when you scared I'm right there to tell you have no fear
When you fall I'ma be there to pick you up
Go to the mall, I'm the one to tell you get what you want
When you sad I wanna be the one to make you smile
You feelin lonely I'ma be there to get you wild
And I got'cha, so baby girl give me some time
But I got'cha, so when I do that ass is mine - now