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Artist: Layzie Bone f/ Krayzie Bone
Album:  Thugs Nation
Song:   Mind Off This Money
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I cant keep my mind off my money my hands off my heat
And I dont know whats wrong with me
I'm so gone and I'm out here so strong and I'm stuck in these streets
These bloody streets whats wrong with me
The weed the X and the henessy got me on point for my enemies
I know when I go ain't no turnin back 
Bone niggas ain't never been industry
I cant keep my mind off my money my money my hands off my heat
And I dont know whats wrong with me

-Verse 1 Layzie Bone-

Them original niggas that stay in the game
Its bloody mo murda from grit to the grain
I'm strapped with a nina thats never gone change
You know what I mean I go out wit a bang
I'm fresh out the hood doin everyday thangs
Chill Hollywood niggas this shit is in danger
Dont act like you know me Lay still a stranger
This shit was all lame till I rearranged it
Hold up stop it can I get my props
Collect my profits head back to the glock
Where the thugs is real and ain't afraid to kill
At least round here nigga back get watched
On a whole nother planet like an astrinaut
The only problem we got is the bastard cops
But we smash on em blast on em drag em out
Gotta keep that money comin at a faster route


-Verse 2 Krayzie Bone-

Give it to niggas pay me what they owe me
I'm still a ghetto niggga act like you know me
I shoot or cut a nigga runnin  up on me
Put up or shut up nigga quit actin phony
Never been Hollywood always been bout the hood
If you was lookin for trouble we got it good
Serve em murda like real true ridas should
Buck em up wit the pump now thatll do it
Get into it I'm hustlin 9 to 5
I'm strugglin time ta grind
Stummblin tryin ta shine
Get up and I wonder when is it my time to fly High
A nigga so stressed I puff on the weed so hard my chest pain
Just by hearin the way I flow
Nobody would know that I gotta get help man

-Hook fade out-