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Artist: Layzie Bone f/ Felecia, Twista
Album:  It's Not a Game
Song:   Midwest Invasion
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[Intro: Layzie]
Bone and Twista, Layzie Bone and Twista
Motherfucker we put it down worldwide
(Cleveland in this motherfucker)
I bet y'all didn't think this shit was gon' go down like this
(Chi-Town!) It's the Midwest invasion
And y'all motherfuckers better recongize that this real thug shit nigga
(Let's do this shit y'all)
It's a thug world, we live in a thug world
It's a thug world, T-H-U-G
It's a thug world, we live in a thug world
It's a thug world, T-H-U-G
[Chorus 2X: Layzie Bone]
Get ready for the Midwest invasion we bringin 'em new millenium soldiers
Layzie and Twista, y'all better believe that we takin over
We move and make more money cause niggaz is like "He gettin choda"
Soon nothin be prepared, FOR THIS THUG WORLD ORDER!
[Layzie Bone]
It be that element of surprise
that got y'all niggaz lookin 'round in awe
Y'all niggaz ain't think we get this raw
well fuck what you heard and believe what you saw
The nation of thugs they ready to flip out
Who done etched-a-sketch 'n clip out
Shoot it up, and nigga we flip out
Ready for combat on contact
Midwest keep goin, we +Creepin on the Come Up+ for years
Heavily sedated with no fears
ready to ride the endin is near, we shed no tears
The Midwest done linked up, we gon' get this paper and smash
Sit back and laugh and niggaz is mad, rollin in Benz's and Jag's
Nigga take a picture, picture and fuck what's wrong wit'cha
Little Lay' and Twista had to diss ya, fuck your girlfriend and sister
By Mr. Thuggish Ruggish himself, a nigga with big 'ol nuts
Representin them St. Clair Cleveland soldiers
don't give a fuck to get bust
To all my niggaz that's off in the D-town, mackin and hustlin
Multiplied by Chi, pimpin want me, the game up for the fuckin and pen
Hut 2-3-4, for the riders and the rollers
Place your boots and lock and load, we bringin this Thug World Order
For real
Motherfuckers wanted to hear it, well here it go
See and Layzie bringin on the dub back
like we split a big stoke, and we smokin big 'dro
To the gangstas, hustlas and thugs killin niggaz and the drug dealers
Y'all better feel us
we done put away the drama now we be the Midwest killas
You really wanna know all that bounce shit is our shit
The Midwest is unified, talk shit if you got the heart bitch!
My nigga sure kick some shit for no longer a silent worker
Outspoken kickin that killer shit you never heard of, screamin bloody murder
Chi'/Cleveland selection, the millenium connection
Flowin rapid like Tekken, if you rather hate then go select your weapon
Put a hole in your head like a dolphin
Layzie and Twista the mission was stalkin
Bust at the bitches be talkin
Look out over the city like Christopher Walkin
Mission is put 'em in coffins
though I kill to protect only cause my idea
Come off on the track ever since
thought I have been standin over see repent, stay bent
Two of the dopest vocal recorders still slaughter
So brought up a quarter to the gangstas, hustlers and Thug World Order
Too much chaos in the last days
gotta slow down with these wicked ass ways
Turn bad days into cash days, smoke haze, hit a lick to stay paid
Praise the lord, to just hurt to be a blazin sword
To give us what a misunderstandin God we was raisin war
[Layzie Bone]
Y'all better expect the unexpected cause nigga we rollin with God
And we some thugs and out the mob, the government wanna do us a job
I'm the nigga that been there, and really been there before
My niggaz don't know when I hit the do'
y'all better believe it's about that show nigga
And no seeds in my 'dro, comin cold no matter what season I flow
Cause of the B's that I blow
I can hit 'em with rhythm from Cleve' to 'cago
Believe that I know, this connection is gon' be some shit
Tied like a reefer clip and don't hate on us when you see us rich
[Layzie Bone]
It's about them A-B-C's and 1-2-3's, dimes nickles and quarters
So shoot up, and be prepared, for the Thug World Order
And nigga all y'all niggaz been talkin 'bout what y'all gon' do
We about that Midwest invasion, prepare for the Y2K proof - NIGGA!
Get ready for the Midwest invasion {*7X*}
We ready for the Mid, we ready for the Mid
[Chorus] - repeat 1.5X
Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooooooooh, oooooh, heyyyyeahhhh hey
Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooooooooh, oooooh, heyyyyy
Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooooooooh, oooooh, heyyyyeahhhh hey {*2X*}