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Artist: Kutt Calhoun f/ BG Bullet Wound, Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne
Album:  Feature Presentation
Song:   Stop Jeffin
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Jeffin, the act of kissing ass in or brown nosing in a persons face 
when in actuality you really have ill feelings toward that person

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
Lady momma momma top of the world and I aint stoppin' no
things goin' change today my thing droppin'droppin'
see you when I was broke-broke
ain't said nuttin'-no
now that the nigga poppin all them bitches get to jeffin
when you see me rollin' up- Stop Jeffin! Stop Jeffin!
they be like "whassup" Stop Jeffin! Stop Jeffin!
yea you- Stop Jeffin!
We ain't cool- Stop Jeffin!
point your fingers- Stop Jeffin! Stop Jeffin! Da na na na

[Tech N9ne]
This is Kansas City lingo blurrr you mungo single
you call it jockin' but stop jeffin's what we bring you
it's when people really hate you but love you when you in the place
so if ya "don't like me stay the hell up out my face Hey!"
don't be jeffin with me Mr. Jefferson I pill fit-it
Jeffery from Jefferson City I'm sick and I'll pull the kill-switch
talkin' behind my back gotta wrap your man and tell me how you really feel wit' it
and if it's real then we can deal wit' it
jeffin is ass-kissin' then talkin trash dissin'
when you missin' when you present he bitchin' "have chicken"
no gizzard he 'bout to get it wit' a liver be
welcome to misery, cookin Jeffery rotisserie
swinging on the deals-nic, jeffin for a hot second
turn around and cut me down I'ma catch you rollin' Prospect
and my obsession will begin or I consend a nigga in glock heaven
so mafucka stop jeffin!


[BG Bullet Wound]
What's happenin'
this for them niggas that saw we shappin' them Jeffro Bo Dean niggas
"oooo he so clean wit' it"
slappin' two fifteens canary yellow bright
ho's like to jeff with they jizzle they flaunt it every night
every night poppin this pistol bottles up off every flight
mafuckers they wont do it but they ain't livin' right
where you get your shoes from? where you get your weed at?
whatcha freakin' eyes on man I know your gee's fat
but I don't really fuck wit' this nigga
put him off in the back seat with Tech N9ne he stuck wit' this nigga
cause I'm jeffin-jeffin no I cant help ya-help ya
grab your sack and get to steppin'-steppin
off of deuce click homie yea I'm keepin' it reppin'
keepin' it flexin' keepin' all you Jeffery's in session
"correction" and I don't really know what the fuck
hell nah I don't know no Tech and no Kutt so quit jeffin


[Kutt Calhoun]
They rest to death in my skinny's and twenty-three's
you get dressed to impress but you lookin' like mini me's
but the jeff is un-neccesary that you givin' me
makes me question the jesture of your sexuality "Hey!"
you niggas approach me like y'all the bitches be all up on my dick
askin' for telephone numbers hopin' to take pictures of shit
if I wasn't in this business you niggas wouldn't even call
you see me the source of the murder dog now you swingin' balls
hey Kutt can you get on my album nigga y'all click is the shit
you puttin' the town on the map I'm thinking this nigga's a bitch
when I wasn't makin' no noise you wasn't a part of no Kutty
no I'ma tax you mafuckers for half of your budgets
take a big breathe of this hella shwagga with relish it
inhale it and tell me if you can handle the smell of it
it smell like I'm rich don't it, I know when you pimps want it
so quit all that chattin' you ain't equip for this shit fold-it